pugcheeseEpisode 5 – Is Your Pug Getting Enough Cheese?

CJ acts out a fantasy of living under Angus’ roof as his very own pug with bowel problems. Angus feels the effect of bad cheese and stale whiskey. Amy decides it’s time to add more variety of cheeses to her diet.

Guest starring, and hosting, with Amy Kessler, author of the Dark War Chronicles.

[audio:http://www.mountaindragonmedia.com/audio/Episode5.mp3|titles=of dragons and starships episode 5]

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Episode 4 – The Phantom Egg – April 6th, 2014 egg-earth2

In this episode, Angus’ brain melts and his eyes sparkle from watching too many ‘B’ movies. CJ has yet to discover how warped his own mind is – or has he? And Scarlett Johansson gets more exposure in her new movies.

[audio:http://www.mountaindragonmedia.com/audio/ofdragonsandstarships4-20-2014.mp3|titles=of dragons and starships episode 4]

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Episode 3 – Richard Lynch Lives! – April 6th, 2014 richardlynch

In this episode, CJ fingers the buttons but no sound comes out, until he eventually realizes he needs to pull his finger out. Angus finds the true meaning in ‘B’ movies by delving into his inner sound effect tongue. And Richard Lynch still lives! Well in ‘B’ movies he does…


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godzillafacepalmEpisode 2 – Starcrashin’ Across the Universe – March 16th, 2014

CJ and Angus take a trip down mammary lane with Carolyn Munro. CJ dips into mess of hippy goodness and contemplates the world of large, flatulent lizards. Angus ponders the world of magic thinly veiled by technology and demented wishes of robot unicorns.
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Live recording March 2nd, 2014 – Available March 5, 2014

Now live (well recorded, but alive and kicking), our first show of dragons and starships!

Rockets and Redheads

Episode 1 – Rockets and Redheads

CJ attempts to relive past lives by getting into broadcasting and talking nonsense about books and movies and junk. When in reality, I think he was laying in bed in his pajamas and mumbling in between shots of whiskey.  Angus tries to keep both hands on the keyboard, but it’s new to him, you never know when you’re going to need one of those hands. This and dogs barking in the background all encompass our first show where we talk about 50’s sci-fi, Tolken and a whole bunch of other technobabble while trying not to drool.

Click to Listen:

of dragons and starships. Episode 1

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