Episode 89 – Mutant T ‘n A

of dragons and starships – Episode 89 – Mutant T ‘n Amutantwoman

We’re back for another round of sci fi and fantasy podcasting! Due to our long absence, thanks to life and technology mishaps, we completey forgot who we are and where we lived. Once the family reclaimed us and brought us back it all came back to us! Eventually. The jury’s still out on that. Enjoy!

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John Glenn passes at age 95 


Kirk Douglas (Just Kidding) turned 100 on 09DEC16 



War for the Planet of the Apes 


NASA…plans with no follow through 


Spiderman reboot 2.0 PT (Post Toby) 


The Mummy (Tom Cruise version) 


Spectral (Netflix) 


Spawn Reboot 


Underworld: Blood War 


Dinosaur Fossil in Amber 


Living on Titan 


Marvel Iron Fist (Netflix) 


Colony (USA Network) 



Question of the Week

What do we think of Elon Musk’s vision for interplanetary travel?



Walking Dead

Daredevil Second Season

Defenders coming soon.


Alien Shores by Vaughn Heppner

Narrated by Jeff Cummings



Vintage Science Fiction and Fantasy TV


Babylon 5 S1E5 The Parliament of Dreams

Image result for Babylon 5 S1E5 The Parliament of Dreams

Image result for Babylon 5 S1E5 The Parliament of Dreams


Star Trek TOS – S2E Journey to Babel.


Image result for star trek journey to babel

Image result for star trek journey to babel


B-Movie Blindness

Mutant Forbidden World

Image result for mutant forbidden world


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PSA:  Consume Entertainment, Review it.  Be legit, do not return.  Selling dead tree used is cool.  Returning ebooks and audio books is theft.


Episode 50 – Monkey See, Monkey Poo, Flingin’ Feces for Fun.

monkeypooof dragons and starships Episode 50 – Monkey See, Monkey Poo, Flingin’ Feces for Fun.

With guest hosts Paul Shiola and Amy Kessler!

A lot of monkeys flingin’ radioactive feces in this 50th episode! And speaking of flinging, we’re flinging some prize give-a-ways!  We’re giving out FOUR prizes! So listen to this episode for the list of prizes, comment on our website, podbean or facebook to be entered into the drawing for the prizes!

Oh and we’re only four of the twelve monkeys.

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In the News

Yvonne Craig, Batgirl and Star Trek Alum dies

India Mars Orbiter Update

McAvoy and Radcliffe in Frankenstein


Cosplayers on the Covers of Variant Issues

Daredevil’s New Costume

Daredevil Season 2 Costume Leak

Questions of the week.

What is your favorite form of fictional entertainment?

Books, Audio Books, Comic Books, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies



by D. Wallace Peach


Comic Books

Harbinger Volume 1

Published by Valiant


Groot #2 and #3

Review on Groot comics

New Television



“Reality” television CJ



Vintage SciFi TV

UFO S1E25- Mindbender

Alien subversion using hidden fantasies and nightmares.  Well they were hidden.

Way to play me?  Still no script rights Asshat!

Hallucinatory alien rocks.



Space 1999 S1E18 – Ring Around the Moon

First scenes.  Hangover eye hijacks technician Ed, this weeks redshirt, burning out his brain turning him into a Cmdr Data level coding genius.  Planet Triton, intriguing rogue world that causes Ed to transmit classified stuff.

Way to screw up the eagle inventory.  How many of these do you have again?

Which way to the choir loft?  Think I have a solo.

Excellent display of Monkey Touch Typing while still attempting to be HOT with her Novocain face.

Funky 70’s dance music during the moon stroll.

Once again Koenig hand waves the “Anti-gravity shields”.  All of a sudden we are back to …they could just swat us.  Somebody got permission to overuse the strobe kit.

Waiting for the story to make a point we gave up on eating and drinking.


Hercules (the Rock)


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Amy Kessler

Home of A.L. Kessler


Episode 47 – The Fall of the Ro-Man Empire!

ro-manof dragons and starships – Episode 47 – The Fall of the Ro-Man Empire!

With Guest Host Paul Schiola!

CJ finds his way down mammory lane while watching Alice fall for a hairy alien and his really long antenna. Angus restarts his heart with methane…hey wait, I thought you worked with chemicals? Paul shows Alice’s goods to the world in a frightening display of fuzzy animal goodness. With a space helmet. Paul’s space helmet. Yes, I went there.

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In the News

Five Reasons to get pumped up about Starship Congress!


Maisie Williams on Doctor Who Next Season


Can we restart the heart?

Posted: 29 Jul 2015 06:57 PM PDT

What if you could use the proliferative and survival properties of cancer-prone cells to rejuvenate cardiac progenitor cells and get them dividing again, without forming tumors? Researchers are exploring the results of taking an enzyme, Pim, known to be associated with growth and survival of certain types of cancer cells, and causing it to be overexpressed in cardiac progenitor cells in mice.


Disaster seems to haunt this franchise.


Japanese fire laser!


First detection of lithium from an exploding star

Posted: 29 Jul 2015 05:59 AM PDT

The chemical element lithium has been found for the first time in material ejected by a nova. Observations of Nova Centauri 2013 made using telescopes at ESO’s La Silla Observatory, and near Santiago in Chile, help to explain the mystery of why many young stars seem to have more of this chemical element than expected.


EM drive spaceship!




Rowdy Roddy Piper Dead

“I’m here to chew bubble gum or kick ass…and I’m all out of bubble gum.”


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Questions of the Week

If you could meet one sci-fi or fantasy author, who would it be? (living or dead) and what would you say to them?


Books, Audio Books, Comic Books, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies


The Last Days of Krypton

by Kevin J Anderson


Audio Books

The Unincorporated Man

by Dani and Eytan Kollin

Vintage SciFi TV

UFO S1E22 – The Psychobombs

Col. Paul Foster out on Shag patrol!

Space 1999 S1E15 – The Full Circle

See the cast perform during the makeup artist strike and abstention from hygiene.

B-Movie Blindness

Robot Monster (1953)

Luckily the kit covers up the major woody that Ro man got from carrying around thrashing women.



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Episode 35 – Ab-crunch Buttstain and Dirk Slabhead Present.

Space Mutiny Car Chase


In the News

Ready for Jurassic ‘Shit my pants’?  That’s the only warning you will get.  LOL



Sexism splitting the Avengers off Screen?


SuperSexismBacklash  Well don’t they look sorry and contrite.1682032-slide-slide-3-the-hawkeye-initiative But to be real, they are just ones who got caught and called on it.

Mesoamerican Mercury!


teotihuacan001  Now kids, this is what happens when you bury someone with a thermometer stuck in their ass.

Iceman Outed?  Why should that matter?



The Martian by Andy Weir (becoming a film)


The Martian

The surf is up!!  Enjoy the Cosmic Tsunami.



Is the makeup all we can expect from Jared Leto as he inserts into the role of The Joker?  Suicide Squad has already laid some groundwork on Arrow.  Will this play into the movie?



Warp Field or Bubble.  By Accident?  Hmmmm


emdrive-570x366 warpdrivediagramedited-570x380

Let me get this straight.  Nightcrawler, crawled out of Mystique’s womb?  Hmmm.



Questions of the week

Do comics provide an acceptable or effective venue for serious social issues?

How should intolerance be handled within the realm of Geekery, Nerdism, Fandom…?


Books, Audio books, Comic books, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies


Abigail Unbreakable

by Christopher M. Salas





Audio books

Koban, Book 1

by Stephen W. Bennett, narrated by Patrick Freeman


Koban Book 1


Vintage SciFi TV

Space 1999 S1E10  Black Sun



Black Sun.  In this episode of ‘70s Anderson hand waving the eagle spacecraft all of a sudden have anti-gravity devices.  The moon has an asteroid, different from a hemorrhoid, sucked away from an imminent impact by the gravitational attraction of {da-da-DUH!} the black sun which amazingly is not ripping shit off of the moons surface as proximity shrinks.  In an effort to continue the series…the moon, with moonbase alpha travel through the Black Sun.  The survival Eagle is magically transported ahead of Alpha to reunite.  Koenig and Novacaine face are still a couple (of what).  The END.

UFO S1E11 The Square Triangle or Courts Martial

UFO The Series


Once again travelling back to the late 60s to see what somebody thought 1980 would look like.  An E-alarm, how fascinating.  The Patriot Act before it was called that.  Colonel or Studio Film director Foster sent a message in the clear?  Ah, Espionage or Treason equals execute the hippie for being sloppy douche.  So Say We All.  You put handwritten crap into the machine and it authenticates handwriting before sending transmissions.  If you want a copy then it prints it out on another card in code that has to be read by a computer.  Courts martial, feel free to bait away.  $10K on the 10th.  Guess the Andersons figured we would all be using dollars by 1980.  I’m going to ask you just once more because I expect the answer to change {insanity}.  Col. Paul Foster fashion trend.  Shirts with shower curtain ring zipper.  “Security Proof…The Usual Arrangement.”  Hypnosis?  Manchurian Candidate?  Paul’s Apartment has some bugs…really?  Freedman has to take out the muscle for Straker.  Who saw that coming?  Head first through the soothing light display, Austin Powers monologue first of course.  4 flashing red lights mean…?  Oh-oh, security team hunting Paul in blue jumpsuits with gogo boots.  They mean business.  ‘Acoustic gun…I have heard of them.’  LOL  “Pig Headed Cretinous Lout, SIR!”



DareDevil on Netflix

I’m 6 episodes in and I’m pleased.  Haven’t seen the ho-hum costume in action yet.


B-Movie Blindness

Spacemutiny Photobombing with ASS Space_Mutiny-_Dirk_Hardpeck

Space Mutiny (1988)




Better yet, watch the MST3K version also on You Tube.  Reb Brown gets the nickname that sticks with his career, such as it is.  “Ab-crunch Butt-stain”.  This is one giant piece of cheese and very stinky.  You must approach it from this angle to survive the film version of blatant plagiarism.  Starting with the total recycle of BSG 70’s version battlestar and vipers.  The big ship is called the Southern Sun, and the fighters are $%#@ vipers…being chased by old school cylons.  Costumes:  Reb Brown is perfectly comfortable in his sauna pants and wife-beater while all the backup dancer chics are running around in 80s style aerobics unitards with nothing to block crack creep.  There is a witch coven doing some interesting things for…some reason.  Reb Brown has gun firing car chases through the ship in a go-kart with a refrigerator carton on it blazing around at a dangerous 3 miles per decade.  Not an endorsement.

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Episode 33 – Men in Radioactive Tights!

nukemof dragons and starships Episode 33 – Men in Radioactive Tights!

Angus prepares his latest cosplay by purchasing a ball park frank to add to his tights. Amy has learned never to bring her cats to the show as they add a bit of video naughtiness to the verbiage. CJ begins his costume design but in his case he doesn’t need to buy extra sausage – rather a salami. If you know what we mean…
We’re talking proper cosplay details here.

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In the News

Avengers Age of Ultron Final Trailer?


How Agents of Shield will pave the way for the Age of Ultron release.  Now this is something speaking of massive coordination between TV and Cinema that I have never heard of being successfully pulled off.  Check this.


Successful restart of the Large Hadron Collider and a clip about a young Aussie Scientist


FF ( Fuck the Fans? ) oh, Fantastic Four…my bad.  Here’s is 4 more featurettes to try and drum up business.  Enjoy!


Ant Man:  First Official Image of Yellowjacket.


Mad Max Fury Road

This has been a long time coming and had better not get hosed by release date proximity.  Just saying.


Agents of Shield:  The Cavalry…Killer Poster.  Enjoy!

agents shield calvary poster melinda Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Cavalry Poster; Producer Jeff Bell on Mays Past


Daredevil’s New Red Suit

Daredevil's Red Costume


Game of Thrones Season Five debut

Question(s) of the week

Topic:  Cosplay.

What kind of characters do you think make the grade for cosplay and why?

What’s more important?  Comfort, delivery, true to canon, that people can identify your character…{add your own if not included}

Does society accept that folks will walk the streets to and fro in cosplay or should one assemble their uniform on site?

Cosplay that involves weapons or weapon props:  What should one expect to get away with in this day and age?

What statement does your cosplay choice make and who gets to judge?

Books, Audiobooks, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies, Comicbooks


Exodus:  Empires at War, Book 1 by Doug Dandridge



The Hobbit



The Sandman: Volume 1 – Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman


B Movie Blindness

Class of Nuke em High



Chrissie smoked some rad weed and jumped her lame boyfriend.  Warren comes apart with an atomic boner.  Chrissie wakes up to an insta-bun.  Oh wait, those are just hallucinations brought on by living in Jersey.  Nuclear pot or Angel dust?  CRETIN king gave Ms. Stein some Keilbasa in the doorway…just saying.

Where the hell is Melvin by the way?  He should have already dismembered the CRETINs.

Warren melts down in the living room.  Oh, I get it.  Warren is the new Melvin.  Lots of Tromaville grade effects in this presentation.  Warren has a few discharge issues, maybe go to the doc for a penicillin dose?  Now it’s Chrissie puking out a MEGA-piranha-tadpole in the poop bowl.  9 months prego and it came out of her mouth.  Only in Jersey.  Making bubbles in the Fallout shelter Jacuzzi.  The Nuke plant manager has escalated from wet to dry fart status.  Yeah, orderly evacuations.  Those happen somewhere.  Not as good as Toxic Avenger but typical of Jersey.  So say we all!!

School’s out for ever!

I seriously want a lunch box like the plant workers have.  Friggin keep the lunch thieves at work away.

Episode 28 – Live Long and Prosper!

spockof dragons and starships – Episode 28 – Live Long and Prosper!

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Leonard Nimoy, great actor, director. artist and humanitarian. He was best known for his portrayal as Commander Spock on Star Trek, television and film.  Many people were touched by Star Trek and the character Spock, some lives were changed, comforted and those who took up engineering and other science careers. Rest well, sir, you lived long and prospered and you will be missed.

With guest Author Ron Glick – http://ronglick.wix.com/ronglick

On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dragonsandstarships

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110700786641846766702

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Leonard Nimoy, Spock, has departed.



Maurice Hurley

No beginning and no end?

X-Men Apocalypse News

Future forms of government?

Bug-eyed Bandit

One-way private mission (crewed) to Europa.

Discover Satellite to L-1 and the Falcon 9 booster executed a controlled vertical descent into the sea because weather stepped in.

The Man from UNCLE

Teleportation in the news after nearly 17 years since the last progress, that’s fast. Apparently they are entangling particles to teleport and have controlled spin.  This is on the way to making a quantum computer and theoretically FTL communication. You won’t find them committing to that just yet.

Hitman:  Agent 47…Oh Yeah!


Books, TV, Movies


Dorothy through the Looking Glass – Ron Glick



Space 1999:  Alpha’s Child


Somebody had a kid.  Must have been all the sexy mod clothing.

Oops, here comes the glowing green alien bullshit making the kid turn into an instant third grader.

Those comfy concrete wedge pillows that shut off your airway and make Twiggy look like Jabba the Hut.  I want to move there!

Okay, Novacaine-face says he’s a normal 5 year old…must be delayed.

8 minutes in ‘He’s a Deaf Mute’.  Branding is everything.

Everybody shut it, the deaf mute kid is getting a tour.

Green light on a green ship in a green fog.  Message?  Made of unknown composition.
Who knew?  Taking instructions from the deaf mute now.  “Ignorance is no reason to start shooting.”  I knew I’d find a gem.

Three more alien spaceships approaching Alpha.  Like any other day!!

Why do the alien engines always sound like something from the Wonka factory?

So, get this….the green alien ships fire green shit.  Yep.

Armor piercing lasers.  Now there’s a weapon that a moon base in peacetime should keep handy.

Dude is now an adult male in a costume ready to put the stones to Barbarella.  Julian Glover, or Kristakos from 007:  For Your Eyes Only.  Using his mental powers for coercion.  Of course.

Wow, transformed Mommy into his mate Rena.  How Oedipus?

Dressed like Rocky from Frankenfurter’s Castle.  The original family guy Stewy.  Jarak needs his ass kicked!!!!

If nothing else then for his shoes.  Just when you think all is lost, here comes a flying Klingon Dildo!!

Now we have a mother and baby again.  The End.


UFO:  S1E9  Ordeal

Ordeal, 60s groove party with the cool kids.  Lots of porn-stache, bowl cuts and medallions.

Furlough is synonymous with jolly rogering or good shagging.

Foster has a mauve colored future mobile.

Every year, 2 weeks of mini-boot in a SHADO spa center.

Assaulted by aliens in the sauna on day 1, off to a good start.

Totally rocking VTOL commuter jet.  Why didn’t we make that damn it?

Paul Foster is Highly Trained?  What was it, Episode 4?  Expendable.

UFO crashes on the moon.  That’s news.  Col. Foster dumped out in mid blast.

Oops, only in his sauna riddled brain.  Interesting….



Dragon Avenger

by EE Knight



Movie in Theater (Movie of the Week)

Jupiter ASS-ending


Use your money for better things…really.

B-Movie Blindness




Lots of lens flares, must be an early movie by JJ Abrams

Marra, ‘intolerably lonely woman’.  Lost all her friends and Squadron mates.  Lots of Daughter narrator data-dump.  She’s more lonely now and firing a cannon like on a WW II Battleship.

Planet Smasher tech.  Earth took the demo unit.  That made an impression.  THE CONSTRUCTS are the enema…enemy.

Usaal, a prophet?  Nah, he just wants to get laid by Marra.

Apparently Usaal was a traitor and bought it in the crash or one point landing.

Excessive radiation but I’m protected by my bandoleer of CO2 cartridges.

Oh wait, Usaal was just having a lie down.  He’s getting better.  Constructs made the next Evolution of Humans…Homo-Technus.  Marra is running around sporting her new more utilitarian sexy Barbarella in Black outfit.  Bio-Automation High Speed Mode.  Get the hell out of the open during a meteor shower mode.  Perhaps some explosives should have been used.

Well, let’s have a break and make out with Fabio.  Damn gamers.

How does someone sneak up on you in the friggin Sahara?

30 minutes in and we are still in full blown data dump.  And the reason we are not reading this?

How come his toy pistol works?  Damn it.  Out of water so throw the canteen away.

Usaal is now using 6 dreadnought vessels to chase down Marra for the Galactic Hump he dreams about.

Maybe you could store the gamer goggles until the war is over…just saying.

Three inter-rotational suns.  Why did we terraform this oven?

One thing Col Marra is not in this movie, a Dune freeman.

Ah, now she’s unconscious.  Just the way Usaal likes his women.

Oh, maybe not.  He left her to bake.  So sad.  Now the planet conveniently gave her an eggplant to eat right under her head.  Fancy that.

Some of the effects are fun, like when she’s swimming and a Dreadnought comes gliding over head.  Like a perfume commercial.

Oh-oh, gnarly alien water monster attacks.  I win.  Have to check my hair.

Was the sneeze scripted?

Drone soldier or Empire Storm Trooper.  Same marksmanship skills.

I missed something and now she is strapped to a V-2 rocket.  She looked kind of MasterRace like.

Undetected until I took a pot shot at a Construct tower spewing behavioral modification speeches.  Fucking impulses.  Lots of sound effects with nothing else does not a movie make.  Let’s steal an enemy spaceship and make a run for it.  In my will I leave you a Shuttle.  Thanks.

Mom was vaporized and the Planet-Smasher still ended things.  6000 years of stasis, Holy Fuck!  Why?  Ah,  Mars Liberation War…Now everything makes sense.


No it doesn’t!  Back to addiction and addiction suppression drugs, blah-blah-really?-blah.  Leather slut licks sword edge.  That does it for me.  Mother was betrayed by Daddy.


Now we have time travel.  You know what we need?  A Unicorn shitting rainbows…or skittles.  Because that would mean something.  Spaceship elevator with Musak.  6,900 years of virtual living and things are breaking down…like your tits.  Future warrior must have cape.  Captain Cape doesn’t have tolerance for Snark but he is sick of the narrator monologue.  Now we have dialogue.  Not improving.  1hr 13 min in.  Now we have Watchers and Protohumans within fifteen minutes of the end of the movie.  The writer is a terrorist.  A billion-billion years…that’s a lot.  Wait…will I get a paycheck?

Now we have a self-aware computer.  What other themes can we shove in here?  Iva has some serious collagen usage issues and the the computer is trying to be HAL.  In the end she took a dive into a dark matter cloud…she needed the money.


Credits:  (Budget=Results)

Security for Miss Kelly and international site managers?

Mr. Edgertons’s driver? It looks like the lion’s share of the blame for this affliction was on Mr. Blake Edgerton.  Okay then, I can’t pass this up.

Mr. Emmett Callinan, how does one get the posting of “Moustache Supervisor”?  I really want to know.

Why was a Hygenics person required?

Mother and daughter, Eve Connelly, played by same actress, didn’t see that coming.

Ah, now I get it Usaal played by Blake Edgerton trying to get Eve Connelly in the sack.  That part makes sense.


Music was good.  The rest was an abomination even to B-Movies.  I hate to rip into an Indie but…reread what I wrote.  Watch the thing, if you still have the time, and see if you honestly disagree.  Off to cleanse my brain palette.



Episode 20 – Is This Real Life? Or is This Just a Fantasy?

Episode 20Is This Real Life? Or is This Just a Fantasy?

Guest Host Amy Kessler!

CJ decides body paint is way better than clothing and why bother wasting money on detergent? Angus finds a remote control that works on those of the opposite sets – television sets we mean (wink wink). Amy realizes her long lost dream as she discovers the joy in B movie madness!


[audio:http://www.mountaindragonmedia.com/audio/odasepisode20.mp3|titles=of dragons and starships episode 20]

Download the MP3 Directly, right click this link and choose “save as”


On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dragonsandstarships

Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110700786641846766702




Guest Author:  A.L. Kessler



In the News

Suicide Squad Actors



Tolkien Estate Reins in Film Industry



Orci out as Star Trek director



Terminator Genisys



Marvel Confirms Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange! Khan becomes Dr. Strange (snark)



Orion Spaceship test!



Questions of the week

Did you daydream/fantasize a lot as a youngin’? Trying to see if writers have the same pattern when growing up.

Can you read my mind? Is this real life? Or is this just a fantasy?


Books, TV, Film, Audiobooks, Vintage TV



Dance In The Moonlight  A.L. Kessler



Star Liner

By David Drake

Considering the number of titles this author has out I considered this to be a good chance or investment in reading a new author who I would not leave me stranded.  I’m going to keep this short.

The story line(s) are good, character development is good and the scenes were well done without hand waving too much on the science.  It is unfortunate that the editing and the quality of the end product were so heinous.  The text has “1” where there should be “I”s.  There are misspelled, misused and misplaced words throughout this work.

Normally I might cut slack to Indies and self-pubs on this somewhat but it looks like the author didn’t do a post production read here.  In the form I received this I will only give this book two out of five thumbs up.




God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert



Vintage TV

UFO Season 1 Ep 1-5  Snark-target rich environment.

Space 1999  Season 1 Episode 2  Force of Life.  Jury is in and I agree with CJ.  Barbara Bain, aka Dr. Helen Russell, is officially Novacaine Face.
B-Movie Blindness


Are you the Wizard? No I’m adopted.

What is this a civil war reenactment?

You don’t need to say anything. I already know I’m damn good looking.

We need to run, somewhere safe, like New Mexico


Not of this Earth



Amy (A.L.) Kessler



Angus H Day

Next You Universe


CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media


Episode 16 – It’s all Greek to us!

toxicEpisode 16 – It’s all Greek to us!

Author C.L. Pardington joins us to discuss her books and writing! CJ falls into toxic waste and experiences the afterburner effects. Angus enjoys pina coladas and taking walks in the rain.

[audio:http://www.mountaindragonmedia.com/audio/odasepisode16.mp3|titles=of dragons and starships episode 16]

Or download the MP3 Directly, right click this link and choose “save as”


C.L. Pardington – Warriors of the Atlantean Empire

Toxic Avenger (Snarking from Tromaville)

A B-Movie on purpose!!!

B-movies…the unavoidable by product of today’s society.

Mopping Melvin.

What’s that stink?  Late seventies, early eighties script-work.  Melvin pissed off Bozo.  Who knew?

Bozo…Ancestor of… duh-da-da…the Situation.

Melvin’s look of glee is shattered by a pink ribbon adorned switchblade then responsible sister baby sitter sends out kid brother on a bike after dark in New Jersey.  Yeah.

Snake in the gym clothes is the actual source of Aerobics Videos.  Never knew that.

Third time I’ve seen this film.  Realizing how much of a creeper-peeper Melvin was before his accidental change.

Excellent job strapping down the “TOXIC WASTE drums”.   Just in time for Melvin’s humiliation at the body parts of Julie.

Sheep shagging in a Tutu.  Somebody put in some overtime.

Melvin’s hiding in the bathroom from his mother as most boys do when experiencing…the change.

Thugs, in Jersey.  I might need subtitles to follow this.

Cigar Face is the only survivor.  Time to up your game Toxic.

“Knuckles and Nipples were hated by everyone.”  Now that is writing.

New Jersey robbers always announce themselves by name.  It’s a code thingy.

Gratuitous use of food violence with sub-standard ingredients.  Deep fried or oven baked thug with or without mop implant.

Dr. Snot-burger.  Toxic Chemical Vaste.

All is supervised by Mayor Christie.  A pillar of the community.  Tromaville.

Charles Chips and the A&P.  Proud sponsors of…movies we’re Thugs haven’t thought about saggy pants.

“You kill an it.” “I vant this thingk found unt I vant this thingk kilt!”

Science question.  How can search dogs distinguish any scents in New Jersey?  My limited experience includes Camden and Bayonne.  Oh yeah, the Turnpike too.

We’re going to have to shoot the whole town.  Will somebody please shoot the fucking Mayor already?  Melvin is thinking.  Ah…ends with feel good music just shy of a disco ball.



Episode 13 – Multipass!

multipassof dragons and starships Episode 13 – Multipass!

Guest author Ron Glick joins CJ and Angus on this episode, where Angus trips over his sphincter muscle trying to grab on to the dragon’s tail. CJ takes the starship out for a trip through outer space in search of Babylon – not that one, the fifth one. Not the element of fifth,  5!

Many thanks to Ron Glick for joining us on our show! Please check out his website and books, the Wizard in Wonderland series and the Godslayer Cycle series.


[audio:http://www.mountaindragonmedia.com/audio/odasepisode13.mp3|titles=of dragons and starships episode 13]

Or download the MP3 Directly, right click this link and choose “save as”