Episode 35 – Ab-crunch Buttstain and Dirk Slabhead Present.

Space Mutiny Car Chase


In the News

Ready for Jurassic ‘Shit my pants’?  That’s the only warning you will get.  LOL



Sexism splitting the Avengers off Screen?


SuperSexismBacklash  Well don’t they look sorry and contrite.1682032-slide-slide-3-the-hawkeye-initiative But to be real, they are just ones who got caught and called on it.

Mesoamerican Mercury!


teotihuacan001  Now kids, this is what happens when you bury someone with a thermometer stuck in their ass.

Iceman Outed?  Why should that matter?



The Martian by Andy Weir (becoming a film)


The Martian

The surf is up!!  Enjoy the Cosmic Tsunami.



Is the makeup all we can expect from Jared Leto as he inserts into the role of The Joker?  Suicide Squad has already laid some groundwork on Arrow.  Will this play into the movie?



Warp Field or Bubble.  By Accident?  Hmmmm


emdrive-570x366 warpdrivediagramedited-570x380

Let me get this straight.  Nightcrawler, crawled out of Mystique’s womb?  Hmmm.



Questions of the week

Do comics provide an acceptable or effective venue for serious social issues?

How should intolerance be handled within the realm of Geekery, Nerdism, Fandom…?


Books, Audio books, Comic books, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies


Abigail Unbreakable

by Christopher M. Salas





Audio books

Koban, Book 1

by Stephen W. Bennett, narrated by Patrick Freeman


Koban Book 1


Vintage SciFi TV

Space 1999 S1E10  Black Sun



Black Sun.  In this episode of ‘70s Anderson hand waving the eagle spacecraft all of a sudden have anti-gravity devices.  The moon has an asteroid, different from a hemorrhoid, sucked away from an imminent impact by the gravitational attraction of {da-da-DUH!} the black sun which amazingly is not ripping shit off of the moons surface as proximity shrinks.  In an effort to continue the series…the moon, with moonbase alpha travel through the Black Sun.  The survival Eagle is magically transported ahead of Alpha to reunite.  Koenig and Novacaine face are still a couple (of what).  The END.

UFO S1E11 The Square Triangle or Courts Martial

UFO The Series


Once again travelling back to the late 60s to see what somebody thought 1980 would look like.  An E-alarm, how fascinating.  The Patriot Act before it was called that.  Colonel or Studio Film director Foster sent a message in the clear?  Ah, Espionage or Treason equals execute the hippie for being sloppy douche.  So Say We All.  You put handwritten crap into the machine and it authenticates handwriting before sending transmissions.  If you want a copy then it prints it out on another card in code that has to be read by a computer.  Courts martial, feel free to bait away.  $10K on the 10th.  Guess the Andersons figured we would all be using dollars by 1980.  I’m going to ask you just once more because I expect the answer to change {insanity}.  Col. Paul Foster fashion trend.  Shirts with shower curtain ring zipper.  “Security Proof…The Usual Arrangement.”  Hypnosis?  Manchurian Candidate?  Paul’s Apartment has some bugs…really?  Freedman has to take out the muscle for Straker.  Who saw that coming?  Head first through the soothing light display, Austin Powers monologue first of course.  4 flashing red lights mean…?  Oh-oh, security team hunting Paul in blue jumpsuits with gogo boots.  They mean business.  ‘Acoustic gun…I have heard of them.’  LOL  “Pig Headed Cretinous Lout, SIR!”



DareDevil on Netflix

I’m 6 episodes in and I’m pleased.  Haven’t seen the ho-hum costume in action yet.


B-Movie Blindness

Spacemutiny Photobombing with ASS Space_Mutiny-_Dirk_Hardpeck

Space Mutiny (1988)




Better yet, watch the MST3K version also on You Tube.  Reb Brown gets the nickname that sticks with his career, such as it is.  “Ab-crunch Butt-stain”.  This is one giant piece of cheese and very stinky.  You must approach it from this angle to survive the film version of blatant plagiarism.  Starting with the total recycle of BSG 70’s version battlestar and vipers.  The big ship is called the Southern Sun, and the fighters are $%#@ vipers…being chased by old school cylons.  Costumes:  Reb Brown is perfectly comfortable in his sauna pants and wife-beater while all the backup dancer chics are running around in 80s style aerobics unitards with nothing to block crack creep.  There is a witch coven doing some interesting things for…some reason.  Reb Brown has gun firing car chases through the ship in a go-kart with a refrigerator carton on it blazing around at a dangerous 3 miles per decade.  Not an endorsement.

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