…of dragons and starships was the original thought that sparked in the head of CJ McKee. And yes…it hurt.chode

Starting with two hosts, one mainly fantasy flavored, the other science fiction cum laude – both geeks, nonetheless, we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory by hosting a podcast radio show. Although CJ has a background in radio and broadcasting, as well as other mediums, he seems ill-equipped to throw this together and actually speak in between mouthfulls of brownies or crackers washed down with Guinness. Angus, on the other hand, has already recorded his novels on podcast/audio books and has nothing to lose (what is in those chemicals anyway, Angus?).

So here we are, ready to discuss radio, television, movies, comics, graphic novels and novels and short stories in our favorite genres. We’d like you along for the ride, too! As we move our way up the ladder, we will move from recorded shows to live shows and eventually get good enough to have lofty and well-known artists such as Stan Lee or William Shatner as a guest speaker.  What’s that? They don’t do podcasts? Ok, call that guy from Sharknado, maybe he will.

Anyway, enjoy our show and please don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions and feedback!

mountaindragonmedia (at) gmail.com