Episode 78 – The City on the Edge of Mars

ancmartianof dragons and starships – Episode 78 – The City on the Edge of Mars

Angus does an experiment by traveling on the next shuttle into space. He opens the door to get a sense of space and realizes his nostrils can’t smell space nor can he see it. Because nature abhors a vacuum and so does body parts. CJ donates his body to science so they can do a scan of a human being to learn more medical mysteries. What he didn’t realize is he has to be dead before they can do that. OK so much for personal experimentation…

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News and Obits


Gary Shandling


Tom Whedon, father of Joss Whedon


Drewe Henley ‘Red Leader’ from Star Wars and other SciFi


Adrienne Corri ‘A Clockwork Orange’


Asteroid mining in 10 years


Terraforming Mars?  Hmmm.


Get any ass to Mars!!!! 


The Legend of Tarzan


Beyond the Kuiper Belt


Bigelow prototype habitat is going up on CRS-8 Dragon to the ISS. 


Ascending or Uploading? 


And now for some…Space sense. 


Modelling the blood flow of an entire human body.  Takes a super brain. 


3-D printing real cartilage using your cells

Question of the week

Do you think Hollyweird takes too many liberties with books or comic books to film/TV?

Current Television

Walking Dead



Audio Books

The Butlerian Jihad

Written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson.



Comic Books

Storyteller 3 and 4


Star Trek-TOS: S1E28 The City on the Edge of Forever


B-movie Blindness


Invaders from Mars 1986


Nurse Ratchet eats frogs and has some pedo issues.  She’s hot for David Gardner who happens to live in what looks like the exact same set from the 1958 version.  Golan and Globus pretty much ripped off the credits from the first total recall and I just noticed the head Martian, literally, resembles Cuato. (LOL, actually looks like the other way around.  Total Recall 1990)

Shameless Plug-Ins

Angus H Day

Next You Universe

CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media


PSA:  Consume Entertainment, Review it.  Be legit, do not return.  Selling dead tree used is cool.  Returning ebooks and audio books is theft.



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