Episode 65 – The Body of the Centurion

balanceofterrorhd237of dragons and starships – Episode 65 – The Body of the Centurion

CJ tries to create a CGI clone of himself and suddenly realizes the clone looks better than he does. So he promptly de-rezzes the clone. Paul takes a radioactive mud bath. And never came out. Well, parts of him did. Angus plays with his erector set and pulls out some radioactive material from the mud bath. He notices the material is actually Paul’s left ear.

Let that be a lesson to you, always wear 8000 sunblock when sitting in radioactive mud.

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News and Obits

Nanoparticles for cleaning up water pollution 


Sensible Cargo Transportation. 


Fusion Driven Rocket.   Hmmmm.  Source:  NASA


Antimatter Spaceship?  Source:  NASA 


Quasars are disappearing. 


Japan wants its own stealth jets


Elon Musk on Human colonizations


SpaceX going to land a rocket back on land next.


X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer


And list of upcoming movies


Questions of the Week

Is CGI getting old and tiresome? What’s next for special FX in Hollywood?

Book Review

SpaceCorp:  Book 1 of the Galactican Series.


Audio Books

The Lost Starship Vol. 1  by Vaughn Heppner.


Vintage Sci Fi TV

Star Trek The Original Series

Balance of Terror

Lt. Stiles, GOPenis of the future.


B Movie Blindness

X the Unknown

Corporal Webb, no protective gear and a fucking geiger counter.  Perfect.  Ah, Lansing is a crispy critter.  Physics lab or a barn?  Dr. Dumbass chasing a radioactive thingy takes his glove off to feel the soiled floor.  Excellent.  Scares a Scottish bootlegger who has been using one of the Doc’s uranium containers as a shine jar.  Buahahaha.  The Radiologist got his boner boiled off in front of Zena.  Wow, a soldier named Haggis.  Was his nickname Bang Her?  Leo McKern is actually trying to act, that’s fun, Rumpole of the Bailey.  The big steaming radioactive pile has exited the tomb. Not speaking of Elvis.  Gonna use my twirling antenna to neuter this thing.  Oh my, get inside the church for radioactive blob protection.  Gonna have a big old shroom cloud in Scotland, hahaha.  Or not.  That was anticlimactic.  

Dean Jagger:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0077594/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_6



Shameless Plug-Ins

Angus H Day

Next You Universe

CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media

Paul Schiola


PSA:  Consume Entertainment, Review it.  Be legit, do not return.  Selling dead tree used is cool.  Returning ebooks and audio books is theft.



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