Episode 64 – The King with One Red Boot

Superman-Quality-Bootsof dragons and starships – Episode 64 – The King with One Red Boot.

CJ invents a new machine that when strapped to his pants collects the daily flower of humanity to be used for energy. Sometimes that flower is a bit rank but it’s all for science. There’s even an app for it! Angus takes his new flying car out for a test spin. He quickly realizes that perhaps not having an ejection seat installed for just a bit more really and truly would have been worth it.

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News and Obits

Robert Loggia Dies


The Humai story without being hijacked by Musai…LOL 


The Expanse Pilot (Digital Premiere) 


Ursula LeGuin.  Writers should try to imagine beyond Capitalism. 


Gene stealing Sea Slug can photosynthesize! 


Using electrically charged frits to desalinate on a huge scale. 


Moss Walls 


Approved script for Predator 4 


Finding Doggerland 


Blue Origin 


Giant Fans to suck the CO2 out of CJ’s ASS 


Q-Carbon diamonds made in a lab.  Friggin awesome 


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – First Trailer


A Galaxy Far, far, far, far…away! 


Audio Books

Brightness Reef by David Brin.



Vintage SciFi TV

Star Trek TOS S1E13

The Conscience of the King


Roar Episode 6

Red Boot

Not sure why the androgynous dancing albino is so special in this episode.  Well, back to the usual.  Connor gets captured by the Romans who are running around crucifying lots of non-Roman dudes.  The Red Boot Roman commander really needs to execute his barber.  Looks like some Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant shit in the end to fuck up Bowl cut and his freak Boy Toy.  So a Welsh girl can read Greek or Hebrew or did the big JC write his letters in English.  LOL


Vintage SciFi Movie

X-15 (1961)

What the fuck?  Safety plane not supposed to crash dammit!



Shameless Plug-Ins

Angus H Day

Next You Universe

CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media

PSA:  Consume Entertainment, Review it.  Be legit, do not return.  Selling dead tree used is cool.  Returning ebooks and audio books is theft.


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