Three Heads are Better Than One, But Not as Convenient

THE-THREE-HEADED-GIANTof dragons and starships – Episode 61 – Three Heads are Better Than One, But Not as Convenient

Paul, CJ and Angus all get a major operation to have their heads attached to a major celebrity in order to live a long life in high society. Fortunately it’s on the body of Hugh Hefner. Unfortunately there’s a reason he takes Viagra.

So much for the heads of high society…


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In The News

Things they should have done on the ISS.  Really!

Human resurrection through AI.  Didn’t I write something about that?

Inflation presents…the 6 BILLION dollar man

Katie has her eye set on becoming a superhero!

Wormholes not being scoffed at so much anymore.

400 Days From the SyFy channel but headed to theaters in January.

Happy Birthday Saturn V!  If only we had not divorced you.

Fly the Friendly skies

Beware of official Malware…Windows 10 to fuck your Windows 7

2017 Embarking on a journey where…some men have gone before.

Getting closer to real fusion!  This thing is either ugly or beautiful, can’t tell which.

Indentured servitude for survival?

The EM Drive passes further testing.  Up yours Newton!


George Barris, creator of the Batmobile for the 60s series.  Also did the car for THE MUNSTERS.  05NOV15

Gunnar Hanson,manual


Books, Audio Books, Comic Books, TV, Vintage SciFi Fantasy TV, Movies



Audio Books

Nemesis Games by James S. A. Corey
Vintage SciFi Fantasy TV

Space 1999 S2E2 – The Exiles

Any one notice Victor is gone, Paul is gone, Alan is on the down low and all of a sudden (her second episode) Maya can run every damn thing?

The Swinger Episode.  Maya and Novocaine Face make a Koenig sandwich.

Can you find all the spots?  

You Bitch!  You tore my membrane!


Star Trek TOS  S1E10 – The Corbomite Maneuver

Balok Pre-Tranja

Balok after knocking back a few.

Little Clint Howard. One of my favorites!

B-Movie Blindness

The Thing with Two Heads 1972


Shameless Plug-Ins

Angus H Day

Next You Universe

CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media

Paul Schiola


PSA:  Consume Entertainment, Review it.  Be legit, do not return.  Selling dead tree used is cool.  Returning ebooks and audio books is theft.



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