Episode 59 – The Grup with Two Heads!

2headsof dragons and starships – Episode 59 – The Grup with Two Heads!

CJ watches another episode of As the Black Hole Shreds and realizes he’s actually witnessing the creation of another JJ Trek abomination. Angus decides to become a superhero and dons a blue costume that looks like a large winged bug. Paul begins therapy for his dual personality, you know, that other person growing out of his neck. Yea that one, the one that looks like a shrunken twin head.

Be warned, long-winded episode ahead!


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In The News

New Star Wars VII trailer up!


Moving on Up!  To the East Side!

We cannot afford a 200-300 year time lag for colonization.  WTF?

Universe Collapsing…Look who has already made up their mind that is an issue.

Starts out right but veers horribly.  No wonder we have made such BIG strides.


CJ might not care about this but a lot of us celebrate any Trek action these days.  Here’s some Alien Appetizer from the Abrams-free next installment. 


How plant’s could take us over? 


Krypton Series



Flying Submarine proof of Concept


Trek movie news


Star Shredding Black hole


White Dwarf destroying a planet.


Blue Beetle-Booster Gold Movie?  Maybe? 


Use your head for something more than a hat rack! 



Marty Ingels is gone.


Question(s) of the Week

Would you live in a Hobbit hole? Or a few weeks in a space hotel?

Books, Audio Books, Comic Books, TV, Vintage SciFi Fantasy TV, Movies


Post Human Series Books 1-4 by David Simpson



Audio Books

Dune: House Atreides, House Trilogy Book #1



Vintage SciFi Fantasy TV

Space 1999 S2E1 – The Metamorph


Season 2 different intro music, Hawaii Five O in SPACE

Dr Russell using the ALPHA LOG RECORDER…that’s big.

Oh look, 342 days into the wander and we’ve discovered another atmospheric planet.  LOL

Why do all these aliens speak stage level english?  Ah, Maya, alien, dressed for a 1920’s Dance Off.

Daddy, stop toying with the less intelligent Humanoids.  Welcome to Cyclon?  Oh, Psychon. Really?  You gave me a Space Ruffie!  Alien planet, no environmental suit…Super Alphans!  What’s with the new, TRS 80 Alpha Control Room…seems a step back from season 1.

We’re All Aliens!



Star Trek TOS  S1E8 Miri Or as I like to call it…The Planet of Purple Grup Cooties.





Roar Episode 2 – Projector

Athmos…Fuck the Romans!  Why did the Romans move up to leather breeches from Tunics?  Too cold in the the British Isles?  Then fucking leave!

Gods Damn it Connor, way to get caught ya ignorant GIT!

Why can’t you just follow my orders?

Because you’re an idiot Connor!

Cool show though.  Hosed over by SyFy!


Roar Episode 3 – The Chosen

Thought we were heading for Harvest Home here.  Phew!

Dead Druid and a bloody eared Rabbit at the scene.  Summon Tim!

How long until somebody ends Diana?  OMG, End the Romans.  Own the islands.  Stop  Fucking sheep!…{Ooops, too far}

So, the Celts will be playing prisoners in every damn episode?  Thanks CJ (Obama)!

Three Episodes…Three villages burned.  Any questions why the Celt immigrating to the USA embraced Asbestos?  Why no eyebrows?  Tug of war over The Father.  More Roman Douchery, aka ‘driving out the snakes’ aided by home grown greedy douche-baggery.  Makes for a fashion walk off doesn’t it?  Fergus really wants to do Diana.  Just saying.


B-Movie Blindness


How out of it do you have to be not to feel a hypodermic needle in your friggin neck?

I guess we could ask all of Dexter’s victims.  Okay, I see the misogynistic dill-hole now.  Much fog has cleared.  Larry is starting to look like the sack of crap he really is, so much for sympathy.  LOL

Kiku, the big hairy American code-browned in the tub.  Is this where line dancing came from?

Hairy hand Larry.  I wonder how long he had that nickname?  This did a lot for Japanese culture buddy.  Nevertheless, they employed a lot of Japanese to be employed in this.

That’s right white man.  Assume I speak no English and keep talking.


Anyone notice how the major Japanese parts have the most Anglo looking Japanese…Ever?

Thus we get Zaphod Beeblebrox great granddad.  Two heads better than no head.  Pick up Larry?  How about shoot fucking Larry?  Surely the blond wants a guy with two heads, best Japanese Goggles Ever!

When Dr. Robert Suzuki is talking to his devolved wife does anyone else hear Simple Jack?

The original split-personality defense?



Mr. Stanford did a lot with the Thunderbirds in the 60s


Shameless Plug-Ins

Angus H Day

Next You Universe

CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media

Paul Schiola



PSA:  Consume Entertainment, Review it.  Be legit, do not return.  Selling dead tree used is cool.  Returning ebooks and audio books is theft.




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