Episode 53 – Mutate THIS!

farsideof dragons and starships – Episode 53 – Mutate THIS!

CJ and Angus pass on the news of another three lost icons of mirth and mayhem from the golden age of television. Angus bought an adult coloring book so he can make his own comic books to read and review! CJ walks down memory lane with Yeoman Rand and rediscovers his far gone age of puberty that pulled Charlie X into manhood.

What the hell is all this white stuff in the B movie?


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In The News

Jean Darling at age 93 (Known for Little Rascals and Broadway)


Judy Carne at age 76 (Known for Laugh In but did a lot of things)


Martin Milner at age 83 (Known for Adam 12 and Route 66)

Simply put: Why would any company, citizen, or even government trust a cloud company if it’s subject to the whims of US intelligence? 


Krampus my style!!! 



Why the hell don’t people pay attention to science fiction horror stories before they go playing around with…the subject matter of science fiction horror stories?  M. sibericum has more than 500 genes, while another family of giant virus discovered in 2003, Pandoravirus, has 2,500. The Influenza A virus, by contrast, has eight genes.

In 2004, US scientists resurrected the notorious “Spanish flu” virus, which killed tens of millions of people, in order to understand how the pathogen was extraordinarily so virulent. 


Smithsonian Needs Trekkie’s Help!




Question(s) of the Week

Is the age of long lived SciFi or Fantasy TV series gone?


Books, Audio Books, Comic Books, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies


Five by Five Target Zone 3

Anthology edited by Kevin J. Anderson


Comic Books

Serenity:  Leaves on the Wind #4


Vintage SciFi TV

Space 1999 S1E21 – Space Brain

Fucking so bored…I think I’ll do a jigsaw puzzle!

Cuneiform transmission, space amoeba, shaving cream takes out an exploring eagle and the amoeba chucks a meteor at Alpha.  Now the show begins.  Defense Screens?…What defense screens?

“Have Kelly take a space walk.”  Red Shirt sentence if ever I fucking heard one.

Victor brings the space rock inside the habitable portion of the base with no quarantine.  Just like the Dalek sperm.  These people are suicidally bored.  Ooops, the rock is what’s left of the shaving creamed Eagle One!

Kelly is in trouble so Carter will go out after him.  Who will save Carter?  That’s right, Carter is unkillable.

Kelly’s significant other Melita…Does she have a three breasted friend?  

Koenig ‘Analyze all transmitted data immediately.”

Connor ‘You don’t want much do you Commander JackAss.’ {In Connor’s mind}

Kelly’s possessor ‘Don’t touch my brain’ {Sounds reasonable}

Oh good we have another ‘Data’ typist.

Neuronic concussion or moronic writing?  That is the question.

Shock waves or Anti-gravity screens.  {Anyone getting carpel tunnel from hand waving yet?}

Let’s see.  Pre-emptive nuclear strike by remotely piloting an Eagle using a computer potentially compromised by the Alien entity they are attacking.  Does anyone see…a problem?

Maybe jumping computer to revive Kelly might be a better idea?  

Wow, running out of time.  Symbiosis:  Here it means linking Koenig’s brain to Kelly’s brain to the Space Brain…to get a migraine…one might hear some rain…are you fucking insane?…in the membrane?…this whole episode’s writing is an end of season pain!

Here comes the antibody analogy.  “Victor, oversee the entire operation.”  That’s when the computer on the nuclear eagle takes a shit…brilliant!

Special effects?  Fire retardant foam?  Your moon violated my brain!!!!!!




Star Trek TOS  S1E2 Charlie X





B-Movie Blindness

Mutator (1993)

Tigen Corporation…Tyrell Corporation.  I sense some hijacking going on here by the writers.

Heavily armed Security guard.  Ah, security guard who chain smokes and drinks on the job…with a gun.  Now he is Tackleberry.  Brio James, Pissed drunk (Jack Daniel’s No. 7) on a twin bed and he is supposed to be some kind of bio-synthetic chemist.  Daddy’s little girl {Embeth Davidtz} looks like Helena Bonham Carter…can’t be!

So for special effects we went with cum on the door handles.  Would you look at that?  An Isuzu pickup truck.  Wondered where that went.  Ah, armed security guards with a misogynistic postered jerk off room.

Classic night time female commuter trope.  Walk to the dark parking spot with the keys at the bottom of the yard sale handbag.  Oops, she’s down, didn’t see that coming.

Looks like the eco-terrorists are about to get their seed eating asses handed to them. Nancy Drew found some cum dripping off of a vent.  Must be a clue!

Now the security guard has a shotgun?  Who bankrolled this back then, the NRA?  Brion James has no uniform but he has been issued a shotgun.  Now these guys have found cum dripping off of everything and Brion leaves his buddy with a heavy piece of junk amputating his legs. Meanwhile eco-terrorists are now stranded on the elevator.  Good to keep the theme, cum dripping down the elevator cable.  Oh look, this thing wants to dine on a sexy power lawyer!!!  No bullshit!  So…Brion James is playing Steven Allen.  Was there a sale on first names?  Does anyone else think the one security guard looks like Woody Allen’s Dad?  

Now Brion James, Steven Allen is back to being David Connors…ex-head of research for Tigen Corporation.  Weird Noises = Genetic Accident.  Always wear protection.  No glove = no love.

The head of this thing is named Axelrod.  Quite the tool dammit.  Activated the time locks to keep any escapes or incursions from happening.  Can we sacrifice him yet?  

Meanwhile, sexy lawyer and irate scientist get David’s backstory.  Distract with cum from the ceiling while grabbing legs from below.  That is ridiculous!!!

Omg, what did you eat?  An Axelrod!




Shameless Plug-Ins

Angus H Day

Next You Universe


CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media


PSA:  Consume Entertainment, Review it.  Be legit, do not return.  Selling dead tree used is cool.  Returning ebooks and audio books is theft.


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