Episode 47 – The Fall of the Ro-Man Empire!

ro-manof dragons and starships – Episode 47 – The Fall of the Ro-Man Empire!

With Guest Host Paul Schiola!

CJ finds his way down mammory lane while watching Alice fall for a hairy alien and his really long antenna. Angus restarts his heart with methane…hey wait, I thought you worked with chemicals? Paul shows Alice’s goods to the world in a frightening display of fuzzy animal goodness. With a space helmet. Paul’s space helmet. Yes, I went there.

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In the News

Five Reasons to get pumped up about Starship Congress!


Maisie Williams on Doctor Who Next Season


Can we restart the heart?

Posted: 29 Jul 2015 06:57 PM PDT

What if you could use the proliferative and survival properties of cancer-prone cells to rejuvenate cardiac progenitor cells and get them dividing again, without forming tumors? Researchers are exploring the results of taking an enzyme, Pim, known to be associated with growth and survival of certain types of cancer cells, and causing it to be overexpressed in cardiac progenitor cells in mice.


Disaster seems to haunt this franchise.


Japanese fire laser!


First detection of lithium from an exploding star

Posted: 29 Jul 2015 05:59 AM PDT

The chemical element lithium has been found for the first time in material ejected by a nova. Observations of Nova Centauri 2013 made using telescopes at ESO’s La Silla Observatory, and near Santiago in Chile, help to explain the mystery of why many young stars seem to have more of this chemical element than expected.


EM drive spaceship!




Rowdy Roddy Piper Dead

“I’m here to chew bubble gum or kick ass…and I’m all out of bubble gum.”


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Questions of the Week

If you could meet one sci-fi or fantasy author, who would it be? (living or dead) and what would you say to them?


Books, Audio Books, Comic Books, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies


The Last Days of Krypton

by Kevin J Anderson


Audio Books

The Unincorporated Man

by Dani and Eytan Kollin

Vintage SciFi TV

UFO S1E22 – The Psychobombs

Col. Paul Foster out on Shag patrol!

Space 1999 S1E15 – The Full Circle

See the cast perform during the makeup artist strike and abstention from hygiene.

B-Movie Blindness

Robot Monster (1953)

Luckily the kit covers up the major woody that Ro man got from carrying around thrashing women.



Shameless Plug-Ins

Angus H Day

Next You Universe

CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media

Paul Schiola




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