Episode 44 – There’s a New Sharif in Town

sharifof dragons and starships – Episode 44 – There’s a New Sharif in Town!

Dedicated to another lost icon, RIP Omar Sharif.

Angus gets exposed to comet bacteria and winds up mutating into a Daywalker. CJ manages to escape the infection but winds up in a laboratory full of bras and squatty, smelly douchebags. The  good part, there’s a cute girl there.  For the Horde!!!

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In the News


RIP Omar Sharif.  The following are some of his many roles over a 60+ year career.



San Diego Comic Con {job} in full swing

Warcraft movie posters




Do micro-organisms help shape features of comets?




Farscape Movie



Transparent Aluminum on its way to you!  aluminum oxynitride aka ALON





Elecktra is coming to Daredevil and they have her cast.




One System, 5 stars.  I need some friggin sunscreen.




Barrow.  Not just a Tolkien mechanism for introducing a Monster into the storyline.




Back to the Future Comic!




New Horizons Pluto Fly By 14JUL15





Marcus Flint of Harry Potter Fame…Who?



Source: Jamie Yeates/Facebook

Science Fiction becoming Science Fact or at least current technology. Nanopore sequencing.

Nanopore sequencing is a relatively simple but elegant technology, capable of reading long stretches of native (unamplified) DNA with little processing involved. Essentially, a small pore roughly 1 nanometer in diameter (about 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair) that is made either by a biological molecule, such as α-hemolysin, that traverses a membrane or by “punching” a pore through a solid support using an ion beam. The system is then bathed in a conductive fluid and a voltage potential is applied across the membrane-pore complex. As each DNA strand or single nucleotide is electrophoretically driven through the pore, the current fluctuates and is picked up by a detector allowing the sequence or nucleotides to be read.


Based on recent usage of the technology, nanopore sequencers certainly seem very capable of being able to perform at the front lines of an infection hot zone, providing valuable data to medical personnel.



More Wesley Snipes as Blade?

Blade after hearing another Kanye West opinion.

SyFy TV version of James S. A. Corey’s The Expanse is stretching its legs at San Diego Comic Con.





Questions of the week


Is it possible to shrink things, especially humans, like in Ant man or other similar movies?

Or does it go against physics?


Books, Audio Books, Comic Books, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies


Audio Books

Cibola Burn

(The Expanse Series)  by James S. A. Corey


Comic Books

Shadowman: Birth Rites

Indy comic published by Valiant Entertainment



Vintage SciFi TV

Episode 19 – UFO The cat with ten lives

This is how you pet the pussy.

Paul got too frisky with one.  He got Cat Fu’d!

This guy is focused on his joystick.




The Fury




Movie of the Week


Weird Science



Shameless Plugins/PSA

CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media

Angus H Day

Next You Universe



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