Episode 41 – Angry Red Irish

irishof dragons and starships – Episode 41 – Angry Red Irish

With special guest Paul Schiola of Sputnik’s Supplies! Sputnick Supplies

CJ has finally found the perfect redhead, and she’s flying to Mars on the next rocket and getting sucked into a plant. Eewwww. Angus finds his true calling on comic books and goes on a binge reading session until his brain separates into four colors. Paul hopes to find new life in old monsters while whittling away the tentacles and bulging eyes for his next project. Watch out Cthulu!

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In the News



Rick Ducommun has passed


Lantern City Comics

Where to buy?


star trek captain worf michael dorn Star Trek: Michael Dorn Still Pushing for Captain Worf TV Show

Captain Worf!!



And the pattern continues.  Child actor grows into adult douche after roles run out.  Enter Jake Lloyd, aka pod racing Anakin Skywalker.



George Takei on Feud with William Shatner


Come on guys, you’re in your 80’s grow the fuck up!

DareDevil News


Using radar to penetrate the mists and mystery at Stonehenge


Spider-man NU.jpg

Miles Moralis the next Spider Man


Marvel, Sony and Paramount will not be at San Diego Comic Con



Questions of the Week

Let’s make this questions for Paul?

How do you choose the movie monsters you will model?



Books, Audio Books, Comic Books,  TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies


Things to do in Denver When You’re Un-Dead

by Mark Everett Stone



Audio Books

Earth Strike:  Star Carrier, Book 1

by Ian Douglas, narrated by Nick Sullivan



Comic Books

Mythica Issue 1

Magnus MacDracken tearing it up boys!





Jurassic World

B-Movie Blindness

Angry Red Planet

I remember this one now.  Mars flora attacks and spores out.  Dr. Ryan, aka Traumatic Staring Redhead.   Three middle aged dudes, one with a picnic basket and the Redhead.  Native Intelligence.  Stick that in your Burroughs spaceship computer.

Giant Wingless stilt bat, Large blooming Martian vagina plant…carnivorous of course, then everything outside the ship filmed with reverse effects.  Let’s bring our M1911 45 acp pistols with us to Mars.

“To hell with radiation! Let’s go!”

Creepy stalker Captain – “When I say your name, you’ll know it!”

“Thin oxygen level, not enough to support us…” as he pulls out a pipe.

“Tomorrow we’ll bring the boat.” You have a boat on a spaceship?

Shock therapy!

Watched it on Netflix.



Shameless PlugIns

Angus H Day

Next You Universe

CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media

Paul Schiola of Sputnik’s Supplies

Sputnick Supplies


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