Episode 37 – The Devil Wears Prada

devlpradaof dragons and starships – Episode 37 – The Devil Wears Prada

CJ pulls what’s left of his hair out as he fights to focus on watching the horrid B movie of the week. Then he realizes he’s in a dream with Rutger Hauer and it ain’t’ pretty.  Angus steps back to the future. What does that have to do with this podcast? Nothing, he just bought some old comics recently and likes to share. Sometimes too much. TMI

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In the News

Moon Outpost Concept

Moonbase on the Far Side?  When did we build one on the near side?

Nice that we can see them…sort of.  How about we move along the the road to get there?

Farthest Exoplanet detected to date.



Absolutely Anything



A source for Diesel without Cheney.  Sign me up!



Hugh Jackman has set a limit.



The Craft remake – Sony Pictures



SNL helps out Black Widow where Marvel lets her down.



Wow.  What will the SyFy channel use for it’s next B-creation?  This trope is no longer…mythical.


Stephen Amell as Casey Jones in TMNT2 1024x683 TMNT 2: First Look at Stephen Amell as Casey Jones

Stephen Amell as Casey in TMNT2-Michael Bay



JMS, Waschowskis, Sense8 on Netflix



Crossbones appears




Question(s) of the week

Comic books or Graphic Novels?


Books, Audio books, Comic books, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies



Got my FCBD issue #0 in the mail with my T-shirt (not free-LOL)



Koban:  Rise of the Kobani, Book 3




DareDevil on Netflix Season 1

I finished it and I have to say I enjoyed it.  When the original picks went up of Charlie Cox in his red suit I sort of agreed with CJ about the outfit being cheesy.  Now I believe they just put up some really shit pictures because it came out great in the show.


Vintage SciFi TV

Space 1999 S1E11  The Guardian of Piri

Oh my, what an interesting pile of stink.  Proof that TV producers have always thought belittling thoughts of their viewers.  Approaching another idiotic rogue planet sporting colors of pink and purple and messing with minds and computer.  Time to have some ‘The sins of over dependency’ preachiness with…serious lack of plot.  This one teetered on the edge of painful to watch.



B-Movie Blindness

Omega Doom

Omega (career) Doom

Post apocalyptic gang land, waste-land, western with crappy cyborgs.  anyone wonder why MST3K didn’t dissect this one?  I think it was just a miss.  Rutger is a robot soldier named Omega Doom playing the role of Clint Eastwood from…Dirty Harry.  Japanese styled sex-bots modeled in the vein of Trinity from the Matrix in one gang, Rapper McBlue Eyes in the other gang and a collection of Euro-counter-culture cog heads missing Boy George.  Omega Doom is a kind of a lost cause both in story and art from the early stages.  Why would they want a bar by the way?  Human army coming out of hiding.  Big news.

How awesome is this?  Lots of talent and no where to go with it.  What a suck ass script.  CJ is going to owe me bigtime for this one.  I sense Teletubbies in my future.  Why is there a horse in this idiot fest?  “Mind is controlled by purpose”  LOL  Who knew?  This isn’t even cheese, it’s the shit the monks use to stink up the cheese.




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