Episode 33 – Men in Radioactive Tights!

nukemof dragons and starships Episode 33 – Men in Radioactive Tights!

Angus prepares his latest cosplay by purchasing a ball park frank to add to his tights. Amy has learned never to bring her cats to the show as they add a bit of video naughtiness to the verbiage. CJ begins his costume design but in his case he doesn’t need to buy extra sausage – rather a salami. If you know what we mean…
We’re talking proper cosplay details here.

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In the News

Avengers Age of Ultron Final Trailer?


How Agents of Shield will pave the way for the Age of Ultron release.  Now this is something speaking of massive coordination between TV and Cinema that I have never heard of being successfully pulled off.  Check this.


Successful restart of the Large Hadron Collider and a clip about a young Aussie Scientist


FF ( Fuck the Fans? ) oh, Fantastic Four…my bad.  Here’s is 4 more featurettes to try and drum up business.  Enjoy!


Ant Man:  First Official Image of Yellowjacket.


Mad Max Fury Road

This has been a long time coming and had better not get hosed by release date proximity.  Just saying.


Agents of Shield:  The Cavalry…Killer Poster.  Enjoy!

agents shield calvary poster melinda Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Cavalry Poster; Producer Jeff Bell on Mays Past


Daredevil’s New Red Suit

Daredevil's Red Costume


Game of Thrones Season Five debut

Question(s) of the week

Topic:  Cosplay.

What kind of characters do you think make the grade for cosplay and why?

What’s more important?  Comfort, delivery, true to canon, that people can identify your character…{add your own if not included}

Does society accept that folks will walk the streets to and fro in cosplay or should one assemble their uniform on site?

Cosplay that involves weapons or weapon props:  What should one expect to get away with in this day and age?

What statement does your cosplay choice make and who gets to judge?

Books, Audiobooks, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Movies, Comicbooks


Exodus:  Empires at War, Book 1 by Doug Dandridge



The Hobbit



The Sandman: Volume 1 – Preludes and Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman


B Movie Blindness

Class of Nuke em High



Chrissie smoked some rad weed and jumped her lame boyfriend.  Warren comes apart with an atomic boner.  Chrissie wakes up to an insta-bun.  Oh wait, those are just hallucinations brought on by living in Jersey.  Nuclear pot or Angel dust?  CRETIN king gave Ms. Stein some Keilbasa in the doorway…just saying.

Where the hell is Melvin by the way?  He should have already dismembered the CRETINs.

Warren melts down in the living room.  Oh, I get it.  Warren is the new Melvin.  Lots of Tromaville grade effects in this presentation.  Warren has a few discharge issues, maybe go to the doc for a penicillin dose?  Now it’s Chrissie puking out a MEGA-piranha-tadpole in the poop bowl.  9 months prego and it came out of her mouth.  Only in Jersey.  Making bubbles in the Fallout shelter Jacuzzi.  The Nuke plant manager has escalated from wet to dry fart status.  Yeah, orderly evacuations.  Those happen somewhere.  Not as good as Toxic Avenger but typical of Jersey.  So say we all!!

School’s out for ever!

I seriously want a lunch box like the plant workers have.  Friggin keep the lunch thieves at work away.


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