Episode 32 – Keep Calm and Keep on Trekkin’!

trekkieof dragons and starships Episode 32 – Keep Calm and Keep on Trekkin’!

CJ sits in his kilt in a manspreading fashion while clipping his toenails. Angus joins in the fun by going au natural while sitting on Moonbase Alpha. Amy is surrounded by her feline familiars while placing a dark shield over her monitor to block out the man flesh displayed on her video screen. And oh yes, did we mention Flashing?

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Amy Kessler guest!

In the News

Justice League:  Gods and Monsters  Summer 2015 CJ


Retro Space Colony design?  Excuse me but we haven’t achieved this yet ya friggin’ ijots!(Angus)


Who will DC kill off next?(Angus)


VASIMR Why thank you.(Angus)


Another Avengers TV Spot  “We’re fighting an Army of Robots…and I have a bow and arrow.”AMY


Space Bounty Hunters: Killjoys on SyFy CJ


Question of the Week

How much is too much, technology triumphs, to cram into one Science Fiction Novel?

Would you like to see your novel(s) made into a graphic novel?

Books, Audiobooks, Comicbooks, SciFi Fantasy TV, Vintage SciFi TV

SciFi Fantasy TV

The Flash  Rogue Time (AMY)


Barry has travelled faster than time in reverse.


House on Teardrop Lane: All Hallows’ Eve by Christopher M. Salas (AMY)



The Interstellar Age by Valmore Daniels


Vintage SciFi TV

Space 1999  S1E9 – Mission of the Darians


A Major Catastrophe…Daria speaks English.  100s of sick and dying.  Lets go visit, what can go wrong on 50 miles of alien space craft.  4 minutes in and already at the mercy of the alien spaceship.  Where is this on the Darwin hierarchy of success…somewhere amidst FUBAR and OH SHIT WE”RE ALL GONNA DIE.  Thanks Koenig or Obama.  A side note:  Where does Victor keep getting all this paper from?

Ah, The Wee People.  Meanwhile, Koenig and Victor get green rayed by ETs in suits that were lost on Forbidden Planet or in someone’s black hole.  Oops, looks like the wee ones were escapees from some tossing tournament while the savage biggie size humans(odd aliens) want to push, pull, yank…this could go on all day.  Koenig is about to be revived by a sexy alien stew with a whole lot of leg…in high heels.

Mind probe…what else did you probe while I was asleep?

When all but one of our nuclear reactors exploded.  What are the friggin odds?  The Darian spaceship is a tad overgrown on the inside, kind of like Washington DC in Logans Run.

The barbarians just vaporized a wee person for the gods.  Selection is based on being a mutant.  Space 1999 security equals Trek redshirt.  Umm, Novacaine face is appealing for mercy.  “CLEAR”

A thousand year journey to a VIRGIN planet.  I sense another probing is imminent.

Survivors of level 7 have devolved a bit.  Let’s have a sacrifice because killing mutants was not enough.  In step the 2 space suited hot pockets again.  Victor discovers the Darians are cannibals!!!  RED Alert bitch!!

So, the level 7 survivors have rough leather garb.  Leather from…?  While the uptown Darians have gene- bank for posterity on the VIRGIN planet.

Who knew Paul was a ultra-marathoner? Running across a 50 mile space ship in platform disco shoes.

Not just soylent green but also parts harvesting.  Pulling out all the stops for this one.

OH-OH, Level 7 is coming with a whole truck load of Fuck you up dude.

Well, plan A failed.  I guess plan B is fuck a mutant.

Movie of the Week (CJ)




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