Episode 31 – My Q-tip Head is Bigger than Yours!

qtipof dragons and starships – Episode 31 – My Q-tip Head is Bigger than Yours!

CJ looks forward to getting no sleep after learning over 9000 new shows are coming this fall! Angus has finally activated his nano-bots and morphs into a giant brain. Angus, you might be a giant brain but your smaller brain is showing. Yes, yes I peeked in between commercials of my shows…over 9000!

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In the News

Deadpool film news



DC Pulls Joker Variant cover of Batgirl in peril


New Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer


DNA Bots to cure cancer


Lockheed Martin, fun pitch but not the most innovative nor economical infrastructure.


New Sand Snake characters, Game of Thrones


Adjusting to low gravity worlds.


Discovering by accident is the norm.


X-Files returns to TV



Question of the Week

If given the chance to live on another planet, say a new colony on Mars, or further, would you?

Works of fantasy have caught on in our culture to the point that they have establish informal bias.  In an effort to understand this I would challenge consumers to contemplate this next item.  Why do authors shy away from creating female orcs, dwarves, and other mythical beings that might assert a leading role?


Books, Audiobooks, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Comicbooks


Boomtown Craze

by M. Pax




Blood and Bane:  The Dragon Sage Chronicles

by Some Guy (is that the cream of sum yung guy?)



Book Review – Wonderful Alice of Oz – Ron Glick




Newer BSG Series (Seasons 1-3) Recap of Angus’ journey to figure out what the frack happened.


Vintage SciFi TV

UFO Ep12 Close Up

Skydiver on the surface trying out the hydrofoil and some crew members that should not wear the mesh shirts…just saying.  Eternal Optimist Straker is having lip sync issues in this episode.  I would like you to notice the dome structure Cmdr Straker is pointing out with his middle finger.  My Electron Telescope for 1 billlllllllion dollars.  SHADO uses NASA for the big launch.  Straker brought his personal lackey Ford up to MoonBase.  Doesn’t trust Purple Haired help?  Time to shove the electron camera into the probe orifice…stand back!!  Now let’s find a UFO and do the same thing.  Straker wants a date with Lt. Gay.  Meanwhile, a couple of near misses are enough to send the big bad UFO home not noticing a pitiful Earth probe in pursuit?  Excellent.  Oops, no one switched on the range and magnification on your billion dollar camera and now your pictures are meaningless.  How’s this report going to go in review?  Lt. Gay’s leg was pretty awesome.



B-Movie Blindness

This Island Earth (1955) (or Exeter really is Beevis Father)

“The Professor and not Mary Anne…”  Oh yeah, and Brendal Fly is my cabana boy.



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