Episode 30 – The Elephant Shrugged!

discworldEpisode 30 – The Elephant Shrugged!

CJ dives deep under the sea and she’s waiting for me, oh wait it’s Aquaman! Angus is still trying to figure out if the turtle is a boy or a girl. Can you say turtle porn?

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1 year of dragons and starships! Can’t believe it’s been a year already.

In the News

Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination


Our galaxy gets bigger and we are still dragging our fat asses about getting off of this planet.  Apes are smarter!


Tron 3 begins filming Fall of 2015


One step closer to a Star Trek replicator


Terry Pratchett passed on


A fan comment on Mr. Pratchett

“Terry Pratchett allowed us to laugh at the absurdity of everyday life through the lens of fantasy.  I was thrilled to have met him at a couple of book signings and he was always so generous and kind to his fans.  I’ll always cherish my signed Good Omens, one of the all time greatest books.  He will be missed.” -Erin Strauss, Make Believe Books

How to tackle Discworld.



How long to Alpha Centauri?  Longer the more we delay working on it.


My preference of course!!

Ganymede’s Salty Ocean


The Flash, Season 2 News


Bigelow Aerospace, next generation space habitats. Angus


Transparent Solar Cells.  What???


Vast Underground city unearthed in Turkey(Aliens laughing their version of asses off)


Communal Toilet?


Question of the Week

Is there a style of the English language that lends itself through vernacular, jargon or accent to Science Fiction or Fantasy?

If you receive an offer from a big 5 publisher to take over your books, would you do it?


Books, Audiobooks, TV, Vintage SciFi TV, Comicbooks



Ark Royal by Christopher G Nuttall



Vintage SciFi TV

Space 1999 S1E8 Dragon’s Domain


877 days to between Galaxies.  Wow.  Cpt. Tony Cellini has lots of antique weapons in his moonbase Alpha quarters.  Now he has hatchetted the com system.  Way to go.

Nothing traumatic, I just stuck an axe in the comm system.  The computer is so smart it misses this but is worried about his respiration rate.  Sucker punch to Alan’s gut.  Why does he always take the abuse?  In the contract?  Watching Tony get zapped was fun.  Laser huh?  Individualist, really?  Survival is a team effort in the vacuum of space you fucking ape.  Better get a hold of yourself.  Ultra probe, that doesn’t sound right.  Keep them in front of you at all times.

Novacaine face is narrating this freaking thing.  That’s different.  Let’s get on a space ship with tape spool computer memory, because that is robust.  Cool classical music.

No landing on Ultra, an earthlike planet just outside the solar system.  Heat?  Atmo?  Oooops, shit-ton of lifeless spaceships from…not us.  Sign?  Who ordered the people eater?  Cellini only survivor, module separation, 6 month solo flight back home.  Conclusion:  Survival rations stop you up.  Integrity now screwed by the Black Box.  That’s nice.  I’m not rational but believe me anyway!!!  Oh-oh, Commissioner Dick-son.  He  Dicks everyone!  Between Galaxies the space junk yard shows up.  Glad to be this guy.  How the hell did they escape the gravity well of Ultra?  Writer hand waving alert.  Where the hell is Cellini getting his hair gel?  Remember how lasers didn’t work.  ‘Alan, sorry about the sucker punch…As I hammer punch you in the back of the skull.’  Thanks a lot Cellini for discarding a short in supply eagle.  All it took was a hatchet in the eye?  That was one lame-ass dragon.


Movie of the Week

The Color of Magic





Aquaman Volume 1 – The Trench (DC Comics, The New 52)



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