Episode 29 – Not So Flashy

notflashAngus has dreams of swimming in royal jelly and peanut butter towards the mother of all honey covered mammaries. CJ…well let’s just say he’s discovered the meaning of amber joy and laughter. While also swimming and royal jelly. Eventually the two of them wake up and realize they’ve just sneezed on each other.

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New Dark Power Rangers Trailer (just for fun)



The Next Generation Space Suit


Closer look at the new Lockheed Fusion Reactor Project



Holy Crap, It’s Ex Machina



Wave power in Australia!!



Attention:  Two lost cities found, if you can describe you can have them back.



District 10 (because you know it wasn’t over with District 9)


Buzz Aldrin and Mars at CU Boulder



Story Of Your Life



Journey into Space headed to IMAX (Sir Patrick Stewart presiding)

New Supergirl!



Question of the Week

The lights on Ceres – what are they? Reflection? Alien base?


Books, Audiobooks, TV, Vintage TV, Movies


To the Stars, by Harry Harrison



Tales of the Screaming Eagle, by Clayton Callahan






Out of Beachfront property…Not to worry.  We’ll make more.  Turn your town into a surfboard.

Neat idea, but fueling and kickstarting it are the cliff.  Also, investors are going to want to see demonstrations at scale of how this will survive things like storm surges.



Absolution Gap, by Alastair Reynolds



Vintage TV

UFO Episode 10  The Responsibility Seat


Straker is the dick, changing the Moonbase leave schedule then Alec gets to deliver the bad news.  Then he tries to get out of doing the cover job for the studio.  Miss Frazier leg crossing was kind of…intriguing for 60s TV.  Conveniently left her microphone handbag in the Cmdrs office.  Won’t that be fun.  “You died beautifully!”

Wow, nobody pre-vets press agents before they give appointments to interview the chief of undercover Earth-Alien Defense.  Excellent.  We deserve to be obliterated.

Just noticed.  Why do the interceptors have a tail fin?

Two hits and a miss you bastards!  Ford seems to have problems taking orders from Alec.  What a little Prima Donna he is?  Perhaps he should be launched in an interceptor missile.  Just Saying.  Need to get this Sky 1 turd with wings into the action, push!  Straker turned his chauvinist back on Frazier and she dropped him.  Now let’s have a high speed chase,  hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmm.  Put her mg into the hedge by George.  Cool moon tractor trailer.  So there are multiple installations on the moon running vehicles.  Gonna take the spy-FL Journalist out for drinks.  Now it’s a dinner date.  Are there ever more than 3 interceptors?  Gods I’m snarky today.  Like the multi-acre Straker Estate.  Who the hell keeps the grounds up?  Let me suffocate you with my stogie while you finish your meal.  No, I only make my guests drink Alcohol.

Russians letting their truck drive itself.  I suspect Vodka was involved.  It’s moon mobile time.  Oh my, Straker may just get laid.  What the hell?  So she’s in her naughties and he is kicking her out without a ride.  What a ladies man or 80s man?

Not too close?  Two fracking hits and nothing phases these Jack offs.  This ain’t the Earth Foster, you better start running….Inoxia?  Red Master power switch you Commie Bastard!!

Anyone else fill up their waste bags on this one?



The Flash (Newest)

Lots of CSI in these episodes.  Trying to solve the past.  Throw your phone away Chucklehead!!  Episodes: Revenge of the Rogues,The Sound and the Fury, Crazy for You, Nuclear Man, Fallout.

“Any man who drives safely while kissing a pretty girl is not giving the pretty girl the attention she deserves.”

Techno Babble of the decade “Quantum Splicer”. ? Organic Particulate Residual?

Karaoke Flash night!!!  Teleportation is Uber-Kool!!  Grodd?  Harrison Wells pad is friggin sweet!  Harley is a snobby douche who really needs to not be a Meta-Human.  Thanks Stan!  Harley got uninherited because he was Gay.  A gay meta human is an excellent segue.  Rathaway Industries is under attack, I sense the gay apocalypse.

“I failed this City.”  Sounds Familiar.  Crossing streams?  Sounds Familiar.
B-Movie Blindness

Invasion of the Bee Girls


Bet there was some high rent for that first set.  A clot in his blood formed by coagulation.  Excellent, background singers for almost every scene.  Two bodies in the opening credits and sing-a-long.  William Smith, oh my god.  How did he get out of this one with a career?  Professor of Bacterial Warfare with a SUPER-SECRET REPORT.  (Lots of lisping)  Late night, dinner at the Flamingo, followed by much ‘Balling’.

Balling naked while rolling down a hill with thigh high weeds…The Bee sound…dead baller.

Another couple and the girl gets undressed and sits on a dead guys hand.  “Eddie, can’t you wait?”  Then she feels the real Eddie grab her tits and screams.  Now that’s acting.

“Cumming and going at the same time.”  There’s a jewel.

Council of Lounge Lizards occupy a riveting scene.

Thrombosis and Sexual Exhaustion along with an intense buzzing sound.  Hmmm.

William Smith hanging out on the town hall meeting daze with his legs as far apart as physically possible in Hanes slacks unless he wanted to give Van Damme a run for his money.  “Venereal Disease has swelled..”  town laughter ensues.

The town doc recommends total sexual abstinence.  Laughter stops.

Really funny is the cold cream sex repellent mask one of the wives applies then states ‘If I knew it would kill you I’d do it.’  Now that brings back memories of family.

Looks like Agent Agar is going to file something in the librarian.  Here comes the Shaft music.  Looks like the librarian is getting thugged while Agar talks on a pay phone to his boss.  Way to go.  Now he’s gone all Punisher on the bad guys he knew were hanging around waiting to do his date.  Professor had a secret fetish sex room.  Unicorns were involved.

Ah, a guy-guy relationship.  Pretty risque for the 70s.

Next scene, Agar is watching an insect film while Doctor Cum and Go is about to depart.  Her eyes turn black and his heart explodes while something else…explodes.

Making more Bee girls, let me stick you in the temple with my magic bee stinger and irradiate you (Sorry Spiderman and Hulk, no license violation here).  Royal jelly smearing and swarming to end with the Giant Vibrator.  How is this on You Tube?

Herb dead and his Bee wife is coming onto the cop who delivered the news.  Can’t you hear the buzzing Dude?  Norstadt and his Bees.  Better movie title.  Or The Librarian and her trusty Gamma Scanner.  Foster Grant was a big sponsor.  Agent Agar shoots the switch and all the Bee Girls melt.  Radiation causes sterility?  Hmmm.  The End.

Oh dear lord.


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