Episode 28 – Live Long and Prosper!

spockof dragons and starships – Episode 28 – Live Long and Prosper!

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Mr. Leonard Nimoy, great actor, director. artist and humanitarian. He was best known for his portrayal as Commander Spock on Star Trek, television and film.  Many people were touched by Star Trek and the character Spock, some lives were changed, comforted and those who took up engineering and other science careers. Rest well, sir, you lived long and prospered and you will be missed.

With guest Author Ron Glick – http://ronglick.wix.com/ronglick

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Leonard Nimoy, Spock, has departed.



Maurice Hurley

No beginning and no end?

X-Men Apocalypse News

Future forms of government?

Bug-eyed Bandit

One-way private mission (crewed) to Europa.

Discover Satellite to L-1 and the Falcon 9 booster executed a controlled vertical descent into the sea because weather stepped in.

The Man from UNCLE

Teleportation in the news after nearly 17 years since the last progress, that’s fast. Apparently they are entangling particles to teleport and have controlled spin.  This is on the way to making a quantum computer and theoretically FTL communication. You won’t find them committing to that just yet.

Hitman:  Agent 47…Oh Yeah!


Books, TV, Movies


Dorothy through the Looking Glass – Ron Glick



Space 1999:  Alpha’s Child


Somebody had a kid.  Must have been all the sexy mod clothing.

Oops, here comes the glowing green alien bullshit making the kid turn into an instant third grader.

Those comfy concrete wedge pillows that shut off your airway and make Twiggy look like Jabba the Hut.  I want to move there!

Okay, Novacaine-face says he’s a normal 5 year old…must be delayed.

8 minutes in ‘He’s a Deaf Mute’.  Branding is everything.

Everybody shut it, the deaf mute kid is getting a tour.

Green light on a green ship in a green fog.  Message?  Made of unknown composition.
Who knew?  Taking instructions from the deaf mute now.  “Ignorance is no reason to start shooting.”  I knew I’d find a gem.

Three more alien spaceships approaching Alpha.  Like any other day!!

Why do the alien engines always sound like something from the Wonka factory?

So, get this….the green alien ships fire green shit.  Yep.

Armor piercing lasers.  Now there’s a weapon that a moon base in peacetime should keep handy.

Dude is now an adult male in a costume ready to put the stones to Barbarella.  Julian Glover, or Kristakos from 007:  For Your Eyes Only.  Using his mental powers for coercion.  Of course.

Wow, transformed Mommy into his mate Rena.  How Oedipus?

Dressed like Rocky from Frankenfurter’s Castle.  The original family guy Stewy.  Jarak needs his ass kicked!!!!

If nothing else then for his shoes.  Just when you think all is lost, here comes a flying Klingon Dildo!!

Now we have a mother and baby again.  The End.


UFO:  S1E9  Ordeal

Ordeal, 60s groove party with the cool kids.  Lots of porn-stache, bowl cuts and medallions.

Furlough is synonymous with jolly rogering or good shagging.

Foster has a mauve colored future mobile.

Every year, 2 weeks of mini-boot in a SHADO spa center.

Assaulted by aliens in the sauna on day 1, off to a good start.

Totally rocking VTOL commuter jet.  Why didn’t we make that damn it?

Paul Foster is Highly Trained?  What was it, Episode 4?  Expendable.

UFO crashes on the moon.  That’s news.  Col. Foster dumped out in mid blast.

Oops, only in his sauna riddled brain.  Interesting….



Dragon Avenger

by EE Knight



Movie in Theater (Movie of the Week)

Jupiter ASS-ending


Use your money for better things…really.

B-Movie Blindness




Lots of lens flares, must be an early movie by JJ Abrams

Marra, ‘intolerably lonely woman’.  Lost all her friends and Squadron mates.  Lots of Daughter narrator data-dump.  She’s more lonely now and firing a cannon like on a WW II Battleship.

Planet Smasher tech.  Earth took the demo unit.  That made an impression.  THE CONSTRUCTS are the enema…enemy.

Usaal, a prophet?  Nah, he just wants to get laid by Marra.

Apparently Usaal was a traitor and bought it in the crash or one point landing.

Excessive radiation but I’m protected by my bandoleer of CO2 cartridges.

Oh wait, Usaal was just having a lie down.  He’s getting better.  Constructs made the next Evolution of Humans…Homo-Technus.  Marra is running around sporting her new more utilitarian sexy Barbarella in Black outfit.  Bio-Automation High Speed Mode.  Get the hell out of the open during a meteor shower mode.  Perhaps some explosives should have been used.

Well, let’s have a break and make out with Fabio.  Damn gamers.

How does someone sneak up on you in the friggin Sahara?

30 minutes in and we are still in full blown data dump.  And the reason we are not reading this?

How come his toy pistol works?  Damn it.  Out of water so throw the canteen away.

Usaal is now using 6 dreadnought vessels to chase down Marra for the Galactic Hump he dreams about.

Maybe you could store the gamer goggles until the war is over…just saying.

Three inter-rotational suns.  Why did we terraform this oven?

One thing Col Marra is not in this movie, a Dune freeman.

Ah, now she’s unconscious.  Just the way Usaal likes his women.

Oh, maybe not.  He left her to bake.  So sad.  Now the planet conveniently gave her an eggplant to eat right under her head.  Fancy that.

Some of the effects are fun, like when she’s swimming and a Dreadnought comes gliding over head.  Like a perfume commercial.

Oh-oh, gnarly alien water monster attacks.  I win.  Have to check my hair.

Was the sneeze scripted?

Drone soldier or Empire Storm Trooper.  Same marksmanship skills.

I missed something and now she is strapped to a V-2 rocket.  She looked kind of MasterRace like.

Undetected until I took a pot shot at a Construct tower spewing behavioral modification speeches.  Fucking impulses.  Lots of sound effects with nothing else does not a movie make.  Let’s steal an enemy spaceship and make a run for it.  In my will I leave you a Shuttle.  Thanks.

Mom was vaporized and the Planet-Smasher still ended things.  6000 years of stasis, Holy Fuck!  Why?  Ah,  Mars Liberation War…Now everything makes sense.


No it doesn’t!  Back to addiction and addiction suppression drugs, blah-blah-really?-blah.  Leather slut licks sword edge.  That does it for me.  Mother was betrayed by Daddy.


Now we have time travel.  You know what we need?  A Unicorn shitting rainbows…or skittles.  Because that would mean something.  Spaceship elevator with Musak.  6,900 years of virtual living and things are breaking down…like your tits.  Future warrior must have cape.  Captain Cape doesn’t have tolerance for Snark but he is sick of the narrator monologue.  Now we have dialogue.  Not improving.  1hr 13 min in.  Now we have Watchers and Protohumans within fifteen minutes of the end of the movie.  The writer is a terrorist.  A billion-billion years…that’s a lot.  Wait…will I get a paycheck?

Now we have a self-aware computer.  What other themes can we shove in here?  Iva has some serious collagen usage issues and the the computer is trying to be HAL.  In the end she took a dive into a dark matter cloud…she needed the money.


Credits:  (Budget=Results)

Security for Miss Kelly and international site managers?

Mr. Edgertons’s driver? It looks like the lion’s share of the blame for this affliction was on Mr. Blake Edgerton.  Okay then, I can’t pass this up.

Mr. Emmett Callinan, how does one get the posting of “Moustache Supervisor”?  I really want to know.

Why was a Hygenics person required?

Mother and daughter, Eve Connelly, played by same actress, didn’t see that coming.

Ah, now I get it Usaal played by Blake Edgerton trying to get Eve Connelly in the sack.  That part makes sense.


Music was good.  The rest was an abomination even to B-Movies.  I hate to rip into an Indie but…reread what I wrote.  Watch the thing, if you still have the time, and see if you honestly disagree.  Off to cleanse my brain palette.




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