Episode 27 – Fairies, and Dragons and Sasquatch oh MY!

sasqof dragons and starships – Episode 27 – Fairies, and Dragons and Sasquatch oh MY!

Angus mixes ice with his beer and realizes it’s time to turn into a blue demon and kick ass!  CJ goes for a ride on Sean Connery’s back…er, rather Draco’s back…Sean Connery did the voice…for the Dragon. Called Draco. No really.

And they both partied like it’s Space 1999.

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In the News

Europa Dopa!

Star Wars stand alone film?  Felicity Jones?

Pluto and Charon

Daredevil Trailer for Netflix series


Poltergeist Reboot (actually looks pretty good)

Space Habitat Dreamers and Pioneers Freeman Dyson

Gerard O’Neill
Question of the week

Do you think it’s a good idea that we try and get living proof of fairies and other mythical creatures?



Starship Century

by Gregory and James Benford



Vintage SciFi TV

UFO Ep 8 – A question of Priorities


Snark:  Straker has a kid.  Apparently Brits can’t teach their kids to look left or right before running into the road either.

SHADOW resources to special deliver Antibiotics…what’s that got to do with UFOs?

Blind old Irish lady with a service parrot.  That actually is kind of original.  Even the Aline thinks so.  Big Ass 4 engine SST for Straker’s special delivery.

Alien is assembling his knock off Lite Brite kit…for the blind lady.

Don’t let us down Ed?  What a load.

Lite Brite, Alien Dance Strobe.

Alien Pirate Radio…Got it in 3.  Alec diverts unexpectedly early Transporter to deliver Mobiles for RDFing the Alien.  Shame about the medicine illicitly snuck onto the flight.  Enough to distract ADD Straker from going to visit his kid.  You let us down Ed.  How does that make you feel…Ed?

Diesel Mobile track vehicles.  How futuristic!

Collins, Flies intercepts from a submarine, goes outside the sub to salvage and then drives the friggin Mobile unit.  Must get overtime eh?

Alien?  Way to close the door for the blind lady you asshole.

Took the alien out like Hoffa.  It was an inside job.

And Straker Jr. is toast ladies and gents.  Ed is not Daddy of the Year.  Any year!


Space 1999 – S1 E6 Voyager’s Return


Snark:  Unknown ship?  Voyager One.  Speaking English of course.

Eagle 2 is expendable of course, also.  Way to go peaceful Earthling Probe.

4:34 minutes in, the Quellar Drive.  Nuclear Drive==EVIL.  Thanks Gerry ya Dillhole!

Two drive systems that are computer controlled.  Let’s hack it!!

Novacaine face objects, as usual.  Victor tries to use authoritative voice to coerce Voyager One.  He should speak more slowly…of course.  Ernst Quellar, German Rocket scientist.  Designed the efficient drive that doubles as a mass killing implement.

Victor gives no guarantees…what are you, drunk?

Theoretically it is possible.  Is that your yes or no there Ernst baby?

That is a lot of stuff exiting Voyager’s Ass end.  What the hell?

Where are all these Eagles coming from?  Who’s pulling them out of their ass?

Koenig’s is big enough.  So if this friggin thing is moving at star travelling velocities how are the Eagles catching multiple sorties on it with chemical reaction drives?

The Assistant has unveiled and injured his mentor…and the means to stop total annihilation.  What a total Fucktard.  Jim found out, the little bitch.

Uh-oh, Voyager is leading some vengeful bastards back.  That can’t be good.

Alien ships are surprisingly insect like versions of the Eagles…how innovative.

One of the Eagle pilots has a full on Porn-stache…just saying.

Commander Koenig is an idiot.  Let’s set deadlines and always override them.

Ridiculous orders list:  “Allen, keep watching the Alien ships.”

Intergalactic, Klingon Jesus makes an appearance.  Arcon.

Sidon is out for blood because of the scary, deadly Nuke probe.  Revenge.

I actually don’t blame the nukes.  I blame the contractor programming firms that didn’t validate the software telling Voyager to behave.  How about them apples?

By the way, why would someone wear a trench coat on Moonbase Alpha?  No, really?

Quellar has lifted off in Voyager and Porn-stache is ready to fire.

Quellar sacrifices self to save Alpha and young Douchebag assistant destroys what’s left of his work.  That is probably why Evolution is hard.


Movie of the week



Flossing decaying knights out of one’s choppers is very, very important.  ‘Dragon Breath’?  Muahahahahaha


B-Movie Blindness

Ice Planet




Within the first 4 minutes we already have seven random segments of somebody else’s SciFi film Narrator data dumps.  And shit effects.

Oh my gods how Wes Studi is hard up for a fucking job.

Mogwa, you’ve fallen.

Oh wow, now we have an Elder God Shinnock,  from Mortal Kombat. Or Dukhat from Babylon 5.

Entire Fleet is gone.  7:40 into a 1:22:54 movie.  WTF guys?

Full Artillery Alert…And that means what exactly there Wes?

14 minutes in and the Aliens made a Black Hole?  BTW, is the Elder God also a Minbari?

16 minutes in Commander ‘What’s my line’ and his crew discovery transdimensional drive with a Space Goat and a tab of acid.

Does anyone on this fucking ship know what is going on?

Emergency Powers Act for drafting?  Eat me, Commander!

Why does the future have every dude wearing pants up to the ribcage?

33 minutes in, Narrator again.  Excellent.

Perhaps we could find some winter gear to use on the ICE planet?

Sub-terranean energy network that makes warm ice.

Wow, this movie has a Luke Skywalker person.

Audience question:  Give me a logical design reason for the Earther protect nothing helmets?

Someone unleashed the Native American Snowboarding league here.

Energy Demon is checking out the Earther hip wader wearing numb nuts.

The Japanese Scientist just ate shit, no touch dumb ass.

Alien energy Demon now making human bags of charcoal.

Stop asking shitty questions that make the blended, anime hair girl scream damn it!

How many disjointed stories can you start and leave unfinished in an hour and twenty two minutes?  Is there a record we are going for here?

Now the Ice Planet is a ship.  What’s the count up to?

Did she say wonder where or under where?  Oops, here comes the Narrator again.

‘Only one thing is clear…’  Anyone?


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