Episode 25 – Number 9, number 9, number 9.

plan9With guest author Clayton Callahan!


Angus goes on a date with Vampira and realizes her tiny waist is too small for most modern appliances. CJ daydreams of a time when wizards ruled the earth and fairies with giant breasts, hung out with strange, short mages. Clayton presents a new way to bring stupid stupid, stupid, people! up to speed on intelligence, but realizes it’s too late and time for Plan 9.

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Taylor Negron

Sierra Nevada continues to chase the dream!

Adding Planets…in the Solar System

The Expanse (Syfy)

10 years since we landed on Titan

Heroes Reborn


Books, TV, Movies, Vintage SciFi TV, Audiobooks


Agent Carter – Episodes 1-3




Vintage SciFi TV

UFO Series Episode 7 The Dalotek Affair

Col. Straker rocking the Vicar look.  Dr. Stranges.  Hmmm.  Traveling too slow for a UFO.

Ooooh, the Amnesia procedure.  60s speak for rufies.  “A Corporation has no business on the moon.”  Straker

Communications break down, I blame Radio Shack!  Misogynistic purple hair fantasy after the landline gets in.  Computer Control for landing.  That’s unfortunate.  Switched to manual a bit late.  First day on the job?  Now it’s the last.

Target strange object in crater, blow hole in Dalotek lab.  Cue Amnesia procedure.

Got the pesky UFO on the third pyro-dildo.  Now it is time for Col. Paul and Dr. Sexy mini faux Diana Rigg.  And I’m out.
Space 1999 S1:E5 – Death’s Other Dominion

A Heavenly body the size of Earth’s Moon approaching our planet.  (not a spoiler)

Wow, the black doctor that I was sure got killed two episodes ago is back.  Praise Zeus!

I suggest we stick close together…in the alien planet blizzard. -CMDR Keonig

Friggin potato flakes stick to everything.  Maybe soap?  When’s the spin cycle?

170 below zero, we’ve adapted to these conditions…Bull Shit!!!!

Travelled to the ends of the known universe and beyond…Bull Shit!!!  Who wrote the episode?

So, anyone want to explain where all the long hair white fur skins came from?

Colonel Jack, ranting genius!  Science in the belly, Salad on the brain.  I’m stealing that.

880 years, but your mission only went missing 14 years ago?

Time Warp?  All right, can’t leave it alone.  URANUS PROBE, really?  AKA, Colonoscopy.  Make sure to cleanse.

Dr. Roland is a Douche.  And the Devil of any Faith.  Whole lotta screamin!!

Wow, Dr. Roland is a smokin corpse!  Got Novocaine face screeching.  LOL


Gateway, Beyond the Blue Event Horizon and Heechee Rendezvous by Frederik Pohl
B-Movie Blindness

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Dudley Manlove, Bela Legosi and Dick Chaney.  I’m in.  Bela ‘Give me another shot of Formaldehyde!’

American Flight 812 has control sticks with Pizza Pie tops.  Handy when evading UFO saucers.  When in trouble let’s go with “Mayday, Mayday, wait a minute!”  Clown car crypt.

Inspector Big Boy (Meatball) Tor Johnson

Looks like Vampira has about a nine inch waist.  Let’s not wait for the next day.  Get Meatball in the ground while it’s still dark.  Oops, back to the flying saucer.  Must be vampires.

Wow, Eartha Kitt performing.  ‘As long as they can think we will have problems.’  Interesting.

Now we have Meatball rising from the grave.  Back to his non-speaking role strength.

It caught my attention that most of the male actors in this thing are carrying around a steamer trunk in their pants.  All the friggin budget go into set catering?  Seems like metabolic syndrome has been thoroughly ignored since post WW II at least doesn’t it?

Eros and Tanna really remind me of Riff Raff and Magenta from RHPS.  Seems like O’brien might have gotten the idea germ here.

Meanwhile, at the pentagon,…in Washington D. C.  Where airlines are allowed to fly almost over head.

“How can any Race be so Stupid?”  -Eros  (timeless and priceless)

The guy in charge of Space Station 7 has a shield logo with a halberd on it.  Discount back lot costume sale?

Let’s all sit around while the ghoul approaches.  Now we will leave the woman to be victimized by the Meatball while protected by the fainting cop.  Nice rotary dial phone body mounted to the hull of Eros muy advanced space ship.  So, what happened to the saucer shape?

Monologue time.  You see you stupid heads….Manlove needed a break so Tanna took over.

Talking the Universe to death.  Let’s use a stick on Meatball because that seems like a new idea.



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