Episode 23 – Just Like Clockwork

clockworkEpisode 23 – Just Like Clockwork

CJ looks forward to the next convention where he can cosplay in comfortable shoes and lace underwear. Tastefully done in steampunk, of course.
Angus gets wind (not that kind of wind) of this and refuses to appear anywhere in public with CJ. Forcing people to watch B movies since 2014.

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Humans conquering space without rockets.  Hmmm

Stargate Start Over

This time…let’s look for habitable worlds. You mean we weren’t?

Check out what happened in 2014 that got caught in the iO9 radar.

2015 Exciting Space Milestones Calendar

Tomb of Osiris found

Russian Moon Base?  (Warning:  This site is infested)



Question(s) of the week


What kind of activities do you prefer to do at conventions?


Have you ever done cosplay? Years ago or recently? (skip this one, we’re talking about it)


Books, TV, Movies, Vintage SciFi TV, Audiobooks



Clockwork Orange



Vintage SciFi TV

Space 1999 Season 1 Episode 4  War Games

Holy craptastic.  Enemy spaceships, perimeter defense of a fixed base, dogfights with laser equipped Eagles and some advanced wave generating disrupters.  Perhaps we should maneuver a bit.  Anybody got any friggin missiles?

Out of 6 launched Eagles we are down to one…the one with Allan Carter in it of course.

The lift is still jammed.  Seems we have a Top Gun situation.

Wow!  Alpha is getting fucked up!  Nice that the Medical Center has this Big Ass window to view the surface of a vacuum dominant environment.  Meanwhile Doctor Fix-a-Flat is trying out for his Firestone Certificate.  Damn it, there goes out Doctor of Color.

Oh-oh, here comes the Alien giant vibrator Command ship.  “There’s nothing we can do.”  Cmdr Koenig.

You know what these shitheads really needed?  Mass-drivers, rail guns and torpedoes.

Let’s chat about this window business…unless you are making them out of nano-constructed fullerenes you should probably stick to cameras for you viewing pleasure.

Nice, post attack briefing may be summed up in 2 words.  ‘We’re Screwed!”

Cmdr. Koenig makes a strong and forceful argument…for a scouting mission.  And when ever he wants to get his way.

Asking aliens in an English accent for mercy should work.  Let’s try it!

Ah, Giant mushroom shaped towers and unknown force seizing control of Eagle…with a sexy British woman’s accent.  Damn, they get around.

Is there a reason that futuristic TV series in the 60s and 70s had us wearing high heels and bell bottoms?  By the way, all Alien environments must be blurry!  So say we all.

Oh my!  It is the bulbous headed Aliens from Star Trek – TOS- The Menagerie.  Telos IV I believe. haha you said “bulbous”

Koenig screams a lot.  Maybe that was a key ingredient of the divorce from Barbara Bain.

Ah, Earthlings are a plague.  The Daleks would agree.

Cmdr. Koenig has a volume control issue!!  What a bunch of buttheads…the aliens…literally.

Violence.  That worked well.  Got novacaine face to start crying anyway.

Now Helena is trapped behind the big energy chastity belt.

Meanwhile back on Alpha, evacuation is proceeding with all IKEA and Pier One furniture first.

Abandoning Alpha.  It could happen.

Can one have a giant steaming load in a vacuum?  I suspect this one was reaching for this goal.

Nice.  Here come the planetary defense waves.  They are made of Koenig’s fears.  If only he knew.  They tried to tell him but he was too busy forcefully arguing.

Tenants of the brain.  That’s trippy.  “Come fearlessly into our brain.”  I bet you use that line a lot.

Let’s shoot something we do not know.  Poor life decisions.

ALL A BIG HALLUCINATION!!!  Damn big brain aliens.  Suck it Earthlings!!


Tripping the Rift

3D cgi cartoon sci-fi ADULT show




Dragon Champion

by E.E. Knight



B-Movie Blindness

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women


No wonder NASA wants to go to Venus.  Somebody told them there might be easy women there.

Two guys and a robot named…John?  I think somebody is planning a hook up.

It’s really interesting to go back and watch these ‘Space Age’ things with analog gadgets.

‘A prehistoric planet.’  Why not unless you find some poor bastard actually there writing history or herstory.

Robot John has a ton of junk in the trunk.

Space Station Texas for refueling.  Sure. Clean your windshield and check your oil?

A Venus fly trap.  Or a penis fly trap.  I’m getting confused.

Robot John is getting ready to be hosed by all the water.

Old junk in the trunk John is their only hope.  Who planned this thing?  No wonder the GOP wants to put the brakes on Space.  I bet the director for this is their science advisor.

Venusians have nylon stretch bell bottoms and clam shell bras.  Outstanding.

They are eating fresh caught fish like trained seals.

John kind of sucks as a Medic.  He really needs a thumb.

Astro-gun.  Rut roh!  Now we submerge.  duh-duh-duh.

The prop makers went all out on the rubber terra  sorry venal-dactyl.

The high priestess has donned her Stuckey’s Chef hat.  It’s on now bitches!!

Meanwhile the Earth boners drag their glass Studebaker onto the beach.

‘Hypothetical Science Fiction’  Thanks for building up the rep ASSHOLE.

There’s an ASH cloud above us.  Yipee!!

Robot John lugs these two turds across the lava.  I wouldn’t.

Oops, John just shorted out.

Okay, all the venus babes have now found the smokin hot robot John.

What a shitty planet.

Men left a stronger god for us.  We now worship Robot John.

The denizens of Venus in this film are…developmentally delayed.  Done.


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