Episode 22 – Rise of an Ape Named Ape

apeCJ found his true calling when the call for methane production in new rocketships has a job opening. Taco Bell now has stock in NASA. Angus gets his groove on when he finds two cool books to review – and a new chapter of life begins…

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In the News
NBC News announced N. Korea did this

Star Trek Director update,  JJ nana-booboo is heading in yet another direction.
What a load of crap.

NASA, repurpose, recycle, reuse, oh and find another planet

Russia Space Progress moves along.  Who knew?

Climate Change?  Is this a new thing?

Neural Network computers

India launches biggest rocket…ever.

USN has a new Shark Drone

Morpheus in Sandman

Japan underwater city

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Netflix Dare Devil  – will get his red costume

Books, TV, Film, Audiobooks, Vintage TV

Empire of Bones
by Terry Mixon

Jared Mertz, not to be confused with any progeny of Ethel Mertz, is a Commander in the Imperial Navy of the reborn Terran Empire centered on a planet named Avalon.  He has had an uphill battle to prove himself and safeguard his projection of integrity during his career because when he joined a blood test showed that he was a royal.
The reborn Terran Empire has spread out pretty well since reentering space but they still lack a lot of technology that was lost with the fall of the first Empire.  Good excuse to send out scouting expeditions looking to recover useful things and maybe go a little BSG, Battlestar Galactica for those of you not…hip, in hunting down Earth.
Commander Mertz is looking forward to the responsibility of safeguarding a freighter loaded with scientists through unexplored space right up until the last minute of departure when he gets saddled with last minute crew including his royal sister as an Ambassador.
A critique I would give on the plot is that I feel the expeditions are going out really under-gunned.  Granted this navy has not actually fought a war but they have existed with the damage from the last one of the Old Empire.  Surely they can’t think the Galaxy is now benign?
Enough with the almost spoilers dude!  I really enjoyed this series kick off and plan to continue reading them as they come out.  Four out of five rail gun shots in the face of the Pale Ones! http://www.amazon.com/Empire-Bones-Book-Saga-ebook/dp/B00M5KESGA/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1418744383&sr=8-3&keywords=Empire+of+Bones&pebp=1418744386632

Movie of the week

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


The Great North Road
by Peter Hamilton
This book is frigging awesome but do yourself a favor and listen to it.  I’ve read Peter Hamilton’s door stoppers and you could definitely use the narration and voice acting to keep the momentum up.  This is goooooooood!

Vintage TV
Space 1999 Season 1 Episode 3 Collision Course
Eagle 10 pilot with a Pornstache delivering a nuclear charge to an asteroid.
Delay the blast for 40 seconds, who needs a computer.
Everything is going to crap with Eagle 1.  Who did the fucking preflight?
Excellent, Crispy Critter time…
Funky music too.
Victor Storm crow ‘He didn’t stand a chance.’
Ah, warning lights on the rescue eagle…let’s disregard them.  Fuck the preflight!!
Allen is having a series of female hallucinations.  I think his subconscious is trying to tell him something.  Evidence Allen can do his job with his eyes closed.
Eartha Kit alien?
Guess we won’t be blowing up the massive planet in our path.
Decon, smeecon.  Let’s break all the rules.
Let’s set off some nuclear mines between us and the planet.  That will show we are friends.
‘How long is a piece of string?’  Really Victor?  That’s your A game?
Moon Base Alpha has paper and pencil for Victor to do his calculations.  Where is the slide rule?
Spectre has captured Commander Koenig.  Oh No!
Let’s continue with preparation H bomb.
Meanwhile on Eagle 4 I get prepared to repel intruders by pointing a hand laser at my face.
Cobwebs on alien space ship?
Woman in black veils…Black Widow?  Don’t have sex with her!
Ara, Queen of Itheria.  Of course you expected us for millions of years cause that makes sense.
Meanwhile Paul tells Novacaine Face to stop stating the obvious, plainly ruining the only part she has to play.
We are going to collide, open and shut, black and white, absurd decision-making practices and oops, Stormcrow Victor now has faith.
What’s with all the damn nuclear bombs?  Thought those mostly blew up in Episode 1?
Telepathetic communication brought to you by Ara.
Please shoot Helena.  Please!

B-Movie Blindness
MST3K:  Warrior of the Lost World
Karaoke at the Omega Club, S& M show to keep the animal urges satisfied in Post Apocalypse DICK-TATERSHIP
McWayne on the Texas Instruments LED calculator.  Excellent.
Stunt guy takes twenty rounds and still walks down ten steps before he eats shit.
Grease guns with infinite magazines.
Donald Pleasance as…Blofeld
Blofeld has a Dr. No hand.  LOL
This is starting to remind me of one of the David Carradine B-movies with motorcycles and crystal swords.
Mosh pit bloodsport knock off scene with dwarf tossing after a helicopter dogfight.  Yes that makes sense…somewhere.
Oh my, Fred Williamson is in this flea bitten K-9.
Bad guy buys it with a crotch grenade!!
Ran the truck into the giant stack of oil drums with the omega logo on it, rather than the field of grass.
Megaweapon…Let’s take it out by sliding under it and letting crush Kit’s illegitimate offspring.
Foxy Cleopatra is hosing down the plant with a grease gun and platform shoes.
Black Guy in an SS uniform?
Friggin Dr. Evil, only Uber boring is his power.  Monologuing bastard.
Weird toga montage in the finale.
Send in the DICK-tater clones.
Fred Williamson is his henchman.
Princess toga chick has a wedding band on in the final hero kiss.  Damn the toga is there to soak up the drool.
This is an example of…’We take the hit so you don’t have to.’  Time to drink heavily.


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