Episode 21 – Spider Twerkin’

spiderEpisode 21 – Spider twerkin’

Angus forgets his glasses and realizes he can no longer read the writing on the bathroom walls. CJ stop stops to smell the roses and realizes they smell an awful lot like cat pee. Why do we do this to ourselves?

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What the hell is Marvel’s Malfunction?



Michael Rooker, AKA Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy



Mad Max,…not so much a reboot as the Space Launch System



US Navy packing lasers as weapons now.



Jonathon Frakes directing the new Star Trek?




Dragon Champion  by E.E. Knight



B-Movie Blindness
Big Ass Spider



Big Ass Spider

This must be consumed as a comedy.  It cannot be viewed in any other light without committing homicide.  What the hell?  Arachnophobia with salsa.  Excellent.

The guy from Heroes has fallen on his ASS here.  I hope like hell he can find work in the future…in his post apocalypse career.  The effects are good and the vibe comes off like Toxic Avenger.   Good use of the Capital Records Tower.  LOL.

Who processed this script through their rectum?  {rhetorical}  Does anyone really want to screw around with a Big Ass Spider?  Why are there no flame throwers?  {not rhetorical}  Fucktardos!

Ah, beautiful blond eye candy special forces Carly is going to be baby spider food.  Unlikely hero has just decided that the spider needs a giant flaming colonoscopy.

These guys are an insurance adjusters dream.  Back to trippy musical attack montage.  Western Exterminator.  Now we are rocking like desperado.

How is the elevator still working?  With music that these guys like?

My bad.  US Bank building.  Holy Juevos!  She laid her eggs.

Any excuse to shoot missiles into the US Bank building increases the movie rating.  BTW, why the fuck are F-22 Raptors the only plane used in these anymore?  Are they having a sale on footage or something.  Bazooka up the butt, quote Randy Quaid from Independence Day and steal music from a spaghetti western.  Yes, real likely hot blond SF chick jumps metabolic syndrome exterminator guy.

La coca rocha!!!!!  {The Sequel}


Angus H Day

Next You Universe


CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media




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