Episode 20 – Is This Real Life? Or is This Just a Fantasy?

Episode 20Is This Real Life? Or is This Just a Fantasy?

Guest Host Amy Kessler!

CJ decides body paint is way better than clothing and why bother wasting money on detergent? Angus finds a remote control that works on those of the opposite sets – television sets we mean (wink wink). Amy realizes her long lost dream as she discovers the joy in B movie madness!


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Guest Author:  A.L. Kessler



In the News

Suicide Squad Actors



Tolkien Estate Reins in Film Industry



Orci out as Star Trek director



Terminator Genisys



Marvel Confirms Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange! Khan becomes Dr. Strange (snark)



Orion Spaceship test!



Questions of the week

Did you daydream/fantasize a lot as a youngin’? Trying to see if writers have the same pattern when growing up.

Can you read my mind? Is this real life? Or is this just a fantasy?


Books, TV, Film, Audiobooks, Vintage TV



Dance In The Moonlight  A.L. Kessler



Star Liner

By David Drake

Considering the number of titles this author has out I considered this to be a good chance or investment in reading a new author who I would not leave me stranded.  I’m going to keep this short.

The story line(s) are good, character development is good and the scenes were well done without hand waving too much on the science.  It is unfortunate that the editing and the quality of the end product were so heinous.  The text has “1” where there should be “I”s.  There are misspelled, misused and misplaced words throughout this work.

Normally I might cut slack to Indies and self-pubs on this somewhat but it looks like the author didn’t do a post production read here.  In the form I received this I will only give this book two out of five thumbs up.




God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert



Vintage TV

UFO Season 1 Ep 1-5  Snark-target rich environment.

Space 1999  Season 1 Episode 2  Force of Life.  Jury is in and I agree with CJ.  Barbara Bain, aka Dr. Helen Russell, is officially Novacaine Face.
B-Movie Blindness


Are you the Wizard? No I’m adopted.

What is this a civil war reenactment?

You don’t need to say anything. I already know I’m damn good looking.

We need to run, somewhere safe, like New Mexico


Not of this Earth



Amy (A.L.) Kessler



Angus H Day

Next You Universe


CJ McKee

Mountain Dragon Media



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