Episode 18 – Purple Hair and Mini-skirts on the Moon

moongirlEpisode 18 – Purple Hair and Mini-skirts on the Moon

CJ discovers giant gas after an all night binge of nachos and refried beans washed down with cabbage…er, discovers a gas giant while looking through a telescope. Angus falls into a stupor, not from gas but from going back into time and waking on the moon at the feet of beautiful moon girls.

[audio:http://www.mountaindragonmedia.com/audio/odasepisode18.mp3|titles=of dragons and starships episode 18]

Or download the MP3 Directly, right click this link and choose “save as”
Life in a Gas Giant

We landed on a comet!

Chappie the Movie

New TV series for MTV based on the Shannara series


Antiquity Calais by Jim Henry



The Empire’s Corps by Christopher G. Nutall


Vintage SciFi TV

Space 1999  (Episode 1:  Break away.)

Radioactive waste, magnetic anomalies none were monitoring and the moon becomes an interstellar space craft.  Coolness.

UFO (Episode 1)

SHADO, Aliens, Super-sillious-submarines, Moonbase with sexy purple-haired operator vixens, uber-modern aircraft and space fighters with one phallic missile each on the hunt for the latest mini-skirt.  Oh yeah, smoking is still in.  Don’t Panic Alec!!!.  Fly SHADAIR.

Even on the moonbase where we might be concerned about…I don’t know..mesh-shirts and smoking as opposed to Oxygen.  LOL.  Ed Bishop, LTC Ed Straker, speechy-preachy about security and this whole UFO business. Sorry, mesh-shirts are the funky submarine uniform.  Red alert messed up Purple hair Lt. Vixen’s impromptu lipstick application while interceptor pilots slide down the chute into their MGs.  There better never be more than three UFOs.  Oops, they missed with three nukes.  Perhaps they could have launched at five million miles instead?  Even with Skydiver, which launches from the nose of a submarine (talk about a handicap) has a chute to put the pilot in…oh…G-string on a belly dancer reference.  This is gold buddy.  Damn it, missed the UFO as the SST entered the cloud layer.  Got it with the second shot and now it is spraying red smoke.  Straker’s office has a hard liquor dispensing machine, WTF?  UFO is piloted by an Alien Frankenstein monster who is now desiccating before our…well somebody’s very eyes.  Rapid aging, doesn’t have anything to do with second hand smoke.  No, of course not.  It’s fun, I’m done.  Enjoy!!!



Galaxy of Terror (1981)


The fact is a lot of this cast has died so I shall not lash out with full snark ahead, though I may have some surges.  Yes, this was a pile of stinky, moldy…cheese.  Who ever said ‘once is never enough’ was not referring to this.  Lots of dead characters from a crabby worm like thing.  One voluptuous blonde was gratuitously stripped naked then crushed under the horney alien.  Beware, Joaney from Happy Days is in this as a PSY specialist.  She probes minds with her incessant whining until she gets trussed up like a pot roast and explodes.  That was fun.  My favorite martian is running around in this too.  Lots of Commodore 64 Special Effects but I think it was lacking something…more Cow Bell.  Okay, I’m done.


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