Episode 17 – What Do You Think of Me Now?

toddIn this episode, CJ breaks all the rules and decides to take Mt. Rushmore as the Riddler. Little did he know, Batman and Robin were about to shove him in to questionable areas of Lincoln’s nose. Angus discovers a pile of books lying in an alley and isn’t seen for days until he digs his way out, glassy-eyed and reeling from ringing ears.

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Avengers:  Age of Ultron

57 year old Alan Eustace shatters Baumgartner’s record jump…on the down low.

Teaser scenes from Avengers: Infinity Wars

Antares Rocket Blew up

Spaceship Two Blew up

The Dragon’s Rocketship SciFi Anthology  The Ships Log
The Broker and the Fetch–Melissa Cuevas {more of a Paranormal Fantasy}
By Any Other Name–Timothy P Callahan {Military Space Opera in the Arwen Series, also available from Podiobooks}  Nausicans and Humans can’t seem to stand each other’s odors.
Asylum–Rick Rossing   {Military Space Opera where the invaders are subborned using G’ould like parasites}  Eleven races, Galactic Union, pretty good short geek treat.
Fairy Stories for the Very Young–R.L.Wicke {Post Apocalyptic story}  Good but not something I normally seek out.
Pearl–Leticia Toraci  {Space Mystery story}  Very good encounter story.
The Nixat Delegation–Shauna Sheets {Space Opera}  Waring civilization appealing to an alien civilization for aide.  Pretty good story.
Where No One Bleeds–Jacob Lockwood  {Twilight Zone episode quality}  This little jewel took me by surprise.  No spoilers, read it.

by Michael K. Rose

Dune, Dune Messiah and Children of Dune

B-Movie Blindness

Mom and Dad Save the World (CJ, there will be blood)

Marge Marge Marge Marge Marge….

Oh Marge, my love for you is…..large?

Dogs and fish living together!

“God these people are so stupid!”

And all it takes is a giant magnet to pull a car across the galaxy
Kathy Ireland, hottest stupid person on the planet

Goatee or mutton chops? Wrong answer.

Pick me up. And yes an entire army falls for it. Diabolical. Ok these guys are stupid but know when something is diabolical  haha

Wow earthmen can make love 4 or 5 times a month!!!

Earth Dick! But he’s a United States citizen!

So (standing proudly) what do you think of me now?

Nightflyers – 1987 (Snark)

Opening Gambit, lots of Wurlitzer New Age and the cool kids are wearing sunglasses in the dark…at night…on a train car?

First 7 minutes appear to be Narrator data dump provided by Catherine Mary {Never quite made it} Stewart.

James Avery, Fresh Prince Uncle, plays an empath for this crew.

Nice chill room on the space ship with vaulted ceiling sporting columns, oh, and the telepath is allowed to smoke on the ship.  That’s fun.

Sorry, real telepath arrived, it’s that British git {Michael Des Barres} who was giving Richard Lynch a run for is money on becoming the sketchy or B-movie king of the eighties.

Lots of fog and darkness to make up for scenery budget and repeat scene clips.

Winderman is the contract sphincter…telepath.  Everybody has their panties in a knot because the Captain did not personally visit them in the chill out room, instead of being a hologram.

Sooooo, real candelabras in the chill out dramatic speech area of the…SPACE SHIP.

19 minutes in and the peeping tom Captain is already scoping out the research team in their private quarters doing their…private things.  Then, Catherine Mary does her uneven parallel bar workout with her 80s almost a mullet hair.  Captain hologram pays a creeper visit on her and ASSHOLE telepath catches parts of the thought conversation.

23 minutes, the RCA television monitor hooked up to the Heathkit keyboard get pulled out as the main research tool throwing crappy oscilloscope waves as the high tech futuristic data.

No tolerance for gravity and no natural immunities.  Talk about stacking the odds.  Meanwhile, Winderman-Asshole-telepath is having a mental meltdown and James Avery is running full bore in the kitchen.  Oops, telepathic nagging about alcohol use followed by a domestic thought dispute, kind of wished they had left the oral dialogue out on that one.

Malfunction in the cargo bay, telepath does not equal discretion as evidenced by rant fest.

Then the kitchen blew up and killed James Avery the cook I think.  Or maybe just mostly wounded him.  Wow, Doctor ‘find the aliens’ uses the S-L-O-W-E-S-T robotic arm ever to replace Avery’s ring finger.  Not dead yet.

Oh, the captain is called Roid.  Is his first name Hemorr?

Now the telepath is taking psychedelic drugs and he sees the light {more Wurlitzer music} then he meets the Space Hag…buahahahahahahahaha.

They’re violating…Roid.  LOL.

Keeler is ready, he’s packed.  Telepath and Miranda are going to find Mommy’s crypt, Eliza has been eliminated by the druggy telepath who is now possessed by psychotic computer mommy who wanted Droid as a sex toy.  I think that is the plot…maybe.

Now the Computer-Mommy-Psycho-Hosebeast has been unveiled as a …Witch.  The load gets steamier apparently.  Keeler made the mistake of calling the computer a monster.

Miranda and sphincter have a fight in the (Logans’s Run) laser surgery where there is also a hand bottle of acid.  Nice gore scene.  The inciting incident for Roid to discover his mental powers.  The Atari computer is vomiting again.

Perfect, dichotomous question time.  ‘Is Aunt May a cross-dresser?  Does my ass look big in this?  Can we fix this movie by opening a hatch to vacuum?’  Unfortunately all answers turn out to be ‘NO’.

Roid is prepared to tell mommy off now that he has his special exo-skeleton suit, he smashes her infrastructure not quite thinking through the whole ‘Ship is automated now we are going to die’ thingy.  Implode?  How can a ship surrounded by vacuum implode?  Oh that’s right, the Black Hole in the plot.  Makes sense now.

Excellent, loop the few special effects scenes to get the maximum use of the music rights…from Grandma running the Wurlitzer.  Roid says we have less than 3 hours.  Holy crap, they ripped off some BladeRunner riffs at about 1 hr, 5 mins in.  Well there goes my respect.

More catchy ‘we can do it’ music to patch the ship while I wish Keeler would get taken out by some flying debris.  Looks like the computer-psycho-mommy thingy is not quite dead yet.  Funny how Roid’s transit pod can back up when the control thrusters are all on the back.  Finally Keeler has his mouth shut focused on killing the computer.

Michael is now following the Ring O’Fire.  Shiny!  Now he’s blown up.

01:15 Keeler “It’s all over Baby!”  I wish.

Keeler “Over here.”

James Avery should have said ‘Underwear’ but it just never happened.  He gets taken out by the ex-telepath missing the top half of his head and his left arm.  Look at Roid.  He’s breathing vacuum I think.

I saw the pipe organ.  Oh-oh, the bitch or witch has crawled out of her crypt and she looks a lot like Catherine Mary with a little more decay.  And she is wear a 17th Century dress?

Finally the ship blows up in space with FIRE and NOISE.  Must mean it’s really over.  So much for the main reason for the expedition, fining the Fulcron.

Summary:  What a load of Cheese!!!!


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