Episode 16 – It’s all Greek to us!

toxicEpisode 16 – It’s all Greek to us!

Author C.L. Pardington joins us to discuss her books and writing! CJ falls into toxic waste and experiences the afterburner effects. Angus enjoys pina coladas and taking walks in the rain.

[audio:http://www.mountaindragonmedia.com/audio/odasepisode16.mp3|titles=of dragons and starships episode 16]

Or download the MP3 Directly, right click this link and choose “save as”


C.L. Pardington – Warriors of the Atlantean Empire

Toxic Avenger (Snarking from Tromaville)

A B-Movie on purpose!!!

B-movies…the unavoidable by product of today’s society.

Mopping Melvin.

What’s that stink?  Late seventies, early eighties script-work.  Melvin pissed off Bozo.  Who knew?

Bozo…Ancestor of… duh-da-da…the Situation.

Melvin’s look of glee is shattered by a pink ribbon adorned switchblade then responsible sister baby sitter sends out kid brother on a bike after dark in New Jersey.  Yeah.

Snake in the gym clothes is the actual source of Aerobics Videos.  Never knew that.

Third time I’ve seen this film.  Realizing how much of a creeper-peeper Melvin was before his accidental change.

Excellent job strapping down the “TOXIC WASTE drums”.   Just in time for Melvin’s humiliation at the body parts of Julie.

Sheep shagging in a Tutu.  Somebody put in some overtime.

Melvin’s hiding in the bathroom from his mother as most boys do when experiencing…the change.

Thugs, in Jersey.  I might need subtitles to follow this.

Cigar Face is the only survivor.  Time to up your game Toxic.

“Knuckles and Nipples were hated by everyone.”  Now that is writing.

New Jersey robbers always announce themselves by name.  It’s a code thingy.

Gratuitous use of food violence with sub-standard ingredients.  Deep fried or oven baked thug with or without mop implant.

Dr. Snot-burger.  Toxic Chemical Vaste.

All is supervised by Mayor Christie.  A pillar of the community.  Tromaville.

Charles Chips and the A&P.  Proud sponsors of…movies we’re Thugs haven’t thought about saggy pants.

“You kill an it.” “I vant this thingk found unt I vant this thingk kilt!”

Science question.  How can search dogs distinguish any scents in New Jersey?  My limited experience includes Camden and Bayonne.  Oh yeah, the Turnpike too.

We’re going to have to shoot the whole town.  Will somebody please shoot the fucking Mayor already?  Melvin is thinking.  Ah…ends with feel good music just shy of a disco ball.




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