Episode 13 – Multipass!

multipassof dragons and starships Episode 13 – Multipass!

Guest author Ron Glick joins CJ and Angus on this episode, where Angus trips over his sphincter muscle trying to grab on to the dragon’s tail. CJ takes the starship out for a trip through outer space in search of Babylon – not that one, the fifth one. Not the element of fifth,  5!

Many thanks to Ron Glick for joining us on our show! Please check out his website and books, the Wizard in Wonderland series and the Godslayer Cycle series.


[audio:http://www.mountaindragonmedia.com/audio/odasepisode13.mp3|titles=of dragons and starships episode 13]

Or download the MP3 Directly, right click this link and choose “save as”




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